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Homework Help: Transverse wave equation period

  1. Apr 10, 2009 #1
    A transverse wave on a rope is given by [tex]y(x, t)=
    (0.750\; {\rm cm})\, \cos ( \, \pi [(0.400\;{\rm cm}^{ - 1})x+(250\; {\rm s}^{ - 1})t])[/tex]

    Find the period.

    This should be simple, but I keep getting the wrong answer in Mastering Physics. I can't find any explanation in my book, and it's really irritating me.
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    Rewrite the equation in a standard form.
    y(x,t) = Acos[2*pi(x/lambda + t/T)]
    Compare this with the given equation and find the period.
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