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Transverse myelitis (TM) is a rare neurological condition in which the spinal cord is inflamed. Transverse implies that the inflammation extends horizontally across the spinal cord. Partial transverse myelitis and partial myelitis are terms sometimes used to specify inflammation that only affects part of the width of the spinal cord. TM is characterized by weakness and numbness of the limbs, deficits in sensation and motor skills, dysfunctional urethral and anal sphincter activities, and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system that can lead to episodes of high blood pressure. Signs and symptoms vary according to the affected level of the spinal cord. The underlying cause of TM is unknown. The spinal cord inflammation seen in TM has been associated with various infections, immune system disorders, or damage to nerve fibers, by loss of myelin. As opposed to leukomyelitis which affects only the white matter, it affects the entire cross-section of the spinal cord. Decreased electrical conductivity in the nervous system can result.

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  1. Chrono G. Xay

    I Is Transverse Strain Zero at the Bolts of a Clamped Circular Membrane?

    The annulus (“rim”) clamping the circular membrane over its cylindrical shell has a number of bolts ‘n’ positioned equidistantly around its perimeter. I’m guessing that the amount of transverse strain at those bolts would be where we might reasonably assume to be zero. When I was first trying...
  2. T

    I Understanding Ground State Degeneracy in the Transverse Ising Model

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a reference/textbook where the degenerate perturbation calculation for the Transverse Ising model was treated fully. I want to better understand how in the weak magnetic field limit, the ground state degeneracy only lifts at N'th order in perturbation theory...
  3. M

    I Can the Transverse Nature of a Wave from an Electron Gun be Observed?

    Hi. What equipment /mechanism / experimental procedure is used to determine that the nature of a wave fired from an electron gun is transverse in transit? Thanks Martyn
  4. S

    Correct statement about transverse wave propagating along a string

    My answer is (1) only but my teacher said (3) is also correct. I don't understand why, I think when the wave is moving to the left both Q and R will be moving upwards, no? Thanks
  5. Delta2

    I Are spherical transverse waves exact solutions to Maxwell's equations?

    In this paper in NASA https://www.giss.nasa.gov/staff/mmishchenko/publications/2004_kluwer_mishchenko.pdf it claims (at page 38) that the defined spherical waves (12.4,12.5) are solutions of Maxwell's equations in the limit ##kr\to\infty##. I tried to work out the divergence and curl of...
  6. V

    Mechanism of mechanical transverse wave in solids

    I am not sure, but below is my attempt. In solids the force between adjacent atoms/molecules is very strong. So, when a part of the solid medium is displaced perpendicular to the solid medium like a rope, the atoms/particles in the medium just ahead of the displaced part will tend to bring the...
  7. greg_rack

    Engineering Transverse shear stress calculation in non-slender built up members

    Hi guys, this is an exercise I have been tasked to solve for an assignment. First of explaining you what I have done to solve it using the shear equation, in order to find the maximum shear stress and the shear flow in the juncture, one big question: how is it legal to utilize the shear formula...
  8. U

    A transverse wave traveling through a medium versus a particle of the medium

    I imagine a particle traveling across 1 wave cycle. The total vertical distance traveled across the wave cycle is 4 x the amplitude of the wave. The total vertical distance traveled in 1 minute: 5 cycles in 1 second, thus 5x60 cycles in a minute then 4 x amplitudes effectively traveled per...
  9. greg_rack

    Distance traveled by a particle in a transverse wave

    Taken into account the transverse nature of the wave, I deduce the particle must move of harmonic motion from maximum amplitude ##A## to negative maximum amplitude ##-A##. The period ##T=\frac{1}{f}## is equal to the time in which a particle travels a distance ##d=3\cdot A##. I then approximated...
  10. P

    A Gauge Invariance of Transverse Traceless Perturbation in Linearized Gravity

    In linearized gravity we define the spatial traceless part of our perturbation ##h^{TT}_{ij}##. For some reason this part of the perturbation should be gauge invariant under the transformation $$h^{TT}_{ij} \rightarrow h^{TT}_{ij} - \partial_{i}\xi_{j} - \partial_{j}\xi_{i}$$ Which means that...
  11. S

    I Comoving distance (transverse)

    Hi, i need derive the comoving distance (transverse) im working with https://arxiv.org/pdf/astro-ph/9905116.pdf I've had trouble starting, please help :)
  12. stephenklein

    Deriving the Relativistic Transverse Doppler Effect (Circular Motion)

    **I realize some of my inline math delimiters '\(' and '\)' are not acting on the text for some reason, and it looks clunky. I spend 20-30 minutes trying to understand why this is, but I can't. My limited LaTeX experience is in Overleaf, and these delimiters work fine in that compiler. My...
  13. C

    A What is the role of transverse optical (TO) phonons?

    Phonons can be acoustic or optical in their character and transverse or longitudinal in their polarization. While the importance of longitudinal acoustic (LA), transverse acoustic (TA), and longitudinal optical (LO) phonons is clear to me for the emergence of different quantum phenomena and for...
  14. C

    Please help me understand how transverse waves reflect at a boundary

    Hello, I am a student who is trying to learn some physics independently so I apologize in advance if I am not making sense. I have studied physics a bit in school but nothing very rigorous and it is a subject that I have trouble with, especially waves. This is what I have been reading...
  15. F

    Measuring the Transverse Velocity of a Galaxy

    See the attached figure. I understand that we look for the apparent transverse velocity v , for example through v = d/t (d - distance, t - time). The distance to the galactic nucleus is known as D. Though I am not sure how to read off the time from this figure.
  16. A

    A Average transverse momentum as a function of the longitudinal momentum

    Hello everybody! I am working on a code in which I need to study the dependence of ##<p_T>## vs ##p_L## (the average transverse momentum and the longitudinal momentum of a particle). I am looking for references, papers, books, etc. concerning this topic, but I have not been so lucky. My...
  17. sweet springs

    I Transverse inertial motion of rockets in acceleration

    Hello. I have a question on inertial motion transverse to gravity force, e.g. blocks of dry ice floating on the smooth and flat floor on Earth. For simple mathematics I explain my problem in Rindler case. Let a group of N rockets gather at origin (0,0,0,0) of a IFR and let them start...
  18. SpaceIsCool

    Transverse velocity and real/imaginary parts?

    Homework Statement The transverse velocity of the particle in Sections 2.5 and 2.7 is contained in (2.77), since By taking the real and imaginary parts, find expressions for v_x and v_y separately. Based on these expressions describe the time dependence of the transverse velocity. Homework...
  19. T

    Calculating Period of Transverse Wave from Photo: A or B?

    Homework Statement The problem is shown on the photo. And the actual answer is A. 0.5s, and I thought it would be B. 1.0s Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Here is my thought, The journey from A to B is just a half period, then the whole period would be 4s, as a result, the time it...
  20. M

    Transverse acceleration in polar coordinates

    Homework Statement [/B] A particle is moving along a curve described by ##p(t) = Re^{\omega t}## and ##\varphi (t) = \omega t##. What is the particles transverse acceleration? Homework Equations [/B] None The Attempt at a Solution [/B] The position vector is ##Re^{\omega t} \vec{e_p}##...
  21. D

    Standing wave transverse motion and amplitude

    Homework Statement A guitar string is vibrating in its fundamental mode, with nodes at each end. The length of the segment of the string that is free to vibrate is 0.381m. The maximum transverse acceleration of a point at the middle of the segment is 8600 m/s and the max. transverse velocity is...
  22. It's me

    Show that the radiation field is transverse

    Homework Statement Show that the radiation field is transverse, ##\vec{\nabla}\cdot\vec{A}=0## and obeys the wave equation ##\nabla^2\vec{A}-\frac{1}{c^2}\partial_t^2\vec{A}=0##. You should start from the expansion of the quantum Electromagnetic field. Homework Equations ##H=\frac{1}{2}\int...
  23. YMMMA

    Physics: transverse wave & wavelength & motion

    Homework Statement the question asks at which point is the string moving upward at the instant shown? Homework Equations No equations needed The Attempt at a Solution I am not sure how I should approach this type of questions. A) will move downward B) downward then upward C) upward then...
  24. S

    I What is the definition of the transverse mode in QFT?

    Hello! I am reading some QFT and at a point I read that any vector field (here we are working with massive spin 1 particles) can be written as: $$A_\mu(x)=A^T_\mu(x)+\partial_\mu\pi(x)$$ with $$\partial_\mu A^T_\mu(x)=0$$ They don't talk about notation, but from the context I understand that...
  25. Jozefina Gramatikova

    Wave function - displacement - transverse wave

    Homework Statement A transverse traveling wave on a string starts at x = 0 and travels towards x = ∞. The wave has an amplitude of 1.20 m, wavelength of 4.60 m and travels at a speed of 14.3 m/s . At time t = 0.0 s the displacement at position x = 0.0 m is 1.20 m. (b) Calculate the displacement...
  26. D

    I What is the difference between transverse and plane waves?

    Hi. Are all transverse waves plane waves ? Are all plane waves transverse ? I'm confused about the difference. I know the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves but I'm not sure on how plane waves fit into the picture ? Thanks
  27. R

    Light waves through polarizers: transverse or longitudinal?

    A question about the light-waves and the double-slit experiment: Light can be polarized: If you turn a polarization sheet in a polarized beam of light, you can see that polarized light has an angle. So the light-wave is transverse (right?) But how does a transverse wave ‘bend’ as it goes...
  28. T

    Propagation of transverse pulse on a string

    Homework Statement A horizontal string at tension T is tapped at the midpoint to create a small transverse pulse. What happens to the pulse as time passes? If the pulse is instead created at a point other than the midpoint, what happens to it? Neglect damping. Homework Equations Speed of...
  29. P

    When and where do two transverse waves on strings overtake each other?

    Homework Statement Two long strings P and Q ,each having linear mass density 1.2 x 10^-2 are stretched by a different tension 4.8 N and 7.5 N respectively and are kept parallel to each other with their left ends at x=0.Wave pulses are produced on the strings at t=0 on string P and at t=20ms at...
  30. dUDEonAfORUM

    Find transverse velocity given an equation of displacement

    Homework Statement A wave pulse on a string is given by D(x) = D[0][/SUB]/(x[2][/SUP]+a[2][/SUP]), where D0 is a constant with units of cm3 and a is a constant with units of meters. a. If the wave moves along the string at a velocity of v in cm/s, what is the transverse velocity of particles...
  31. S

    Energy in each cycle of transverse wave?

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution a. ##{ P }_{ avg }=\frac { 1 }{ 2 } \mu v{ \omega }^{ 2 }{ A }^{ 2 }=\frac { 1 }{ 2 } 0.075\frac { 10 }{ 3 } { 0.35 }^{ 2 }{ (10\pi ) }^{ 2 }=15.1W## b. Not sure how to calculate that... I'm guessing it'd be some integral over 1...
  32. C

    B G-forces exposed during maximum perfomance Takeoff (Heli)

    Hello Folks I'd like to know if anyone of you guys know how to calculate the gforces in a glider (in this case helicopter) during maximum performance acceleration? Tonight I had a very serious discousion with a relative of mine who doubt that it's possible to accelerate from 0 to 140 kts within...
  33. gimak

    Calculating the Total Energy of a Transverse Wave on a String

    Homework Statement There's a string with tension T & mass density μ that has a transverse wave with ψ(x,t) = f(x±vt). f(x) is an even function & goes to zero as x→±∞ Show that the total energy in the string is given by ∫dw*T*((f'(w))2; limits of integration are ±∞ Homework Equations The...
  34. K

    A Longitudinal and transverse response function

    I was reading the book "finite temperature field theory" (https://www.amazon.com/dp/0521820820/?tag=pfamazon01-20) and encountered a problem on page 111 about linear response theory. Consider a system with some conserved baryon matter perturbed by a source J_\mu, coupled to the baryon current...
  35. Const@ntine

    Transverse Wave: Time difference between two points

    Homework Statement A transverse wave that is propagated through a wire, is described through this function: y(x,t) = 0.350sin(1.25x + 99.6t) SI Consider the point of the wire that is found at x= 0: a) What's the time difference between the two first arrivals of x = 0 at the height y =...
  36. L

    Show that the vacuum polarization is transverse

    Homework Statement Show that the vacuum polarization \Pi^{\mu\nu}_2(p) in 1-loop is transverse. Decide whether you want to use Ward's identity and prove this to be true in all orders or only prove for 1-loop. Homework Equations Ward's identity q_\mu \mathcal{M}^{\mu}=0 which must hold where...
  37. Kaneki123

    B A Question about transverse waves....

    Okay...I have a question that, is it possible for a transverse waves to only consists of crests and not troughs (or vice versa)??..Like is it possible for the particles of the medium to only displace upwards from mean position , and not downwards?Any help is appreciated...
  38. Pushoam

    Explaining transverse theory of light using EM theory

    just below eqn 3.25, it is said: At any given time, Ex is constant for all values of x, but of course, this possibility cannot therefore correspond to a traveling wave advancing in the positive x-direction. Why can't Ex be a constant?
  39. ChrisVer

    A Missing transverse momentum azimuthial angle

    A pretty straightforward question because right now I can't think how it works: The missing transverse momentum azimuthial angle (φ) is calculated by measuring the x- and y- components of the missing transverse momentum E_x,E_y and taking: \phi^{miss} = arctan(E_y/E_x)...
  40. S

    Transverse Wave Velocity/Acceleration

    Homework Statement The left-hand end of a long horizontal stretched cord oscillates transversely in SHM with frequency 270 Hz and amplitude 2.4 cm . The cord is under a tension of 90 N and has a linear density 0.08 kg/m . At t=0, the end of the cord has an upward displacement of 2.1 cm and is...
  41. P

    Showing equivalent potential expressions for a Transverse String

    Homework Statement I'm going through the derivation here starting on page 16. This image adds some context: . Generalizing their result to the i'th particle they find the extended distance between two masses being ##\Delta l= \frac{(y_i-y_{i-1})^2}{2a}## Then since the potential energy is...
  42. F

    Can a sound wave be transverse?

    Hello, Sound waves are always introduced as longitudinal mechanical waves: the medium particles oscillate in a direction parallel to the direction of motion of the sound wave. We can only hear sound frequencies between 20Hz and 20KHz. For us to hear these mechanical sound waves, the waves need...
  43. RavenBlackwolf

    How Do You Calculate the Propagation Speed of a Transverse Wave on a String?

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > A transverse wave on a string has an amplitude of 16cm, a wavenumber of 5.7m-1, and a frequency of 39Hz. What is the propagation speed of that wave? (a) 6.84 m/s (b) 39.2 m/s (c) 43 m/s (d) 6.24...
  44. S

    A Transverse polarizations of a massless spin 1 particle

    Physical polarization vectors are transverse, ##p\cdot{\epsilon}=0##, where ##p## is the momentum of a photon and ##\epsilon## is a polarization vector. Physical polarization vectors are unchanged under a gauge transformation ##\epsilon + a\cdot{p}=\epsilon##, where ##a## is some arbitrary...
  45. terryds

    Frequency of Beat in Transverse Wave

    By addition of transverse wave, I can get a beat. ## y_1 = A\ \sin (\omega_1 t + kx)\\ y_2 = A\ \sin(\omega_2 t + kx)\\ --------------------------------- + \\ y_1 + y_2 = 2A\ \cos(\frac{\omega_1-\omega_2}{2} \ t) \sin(\frac{\omega_1+\omega_2}{2} \ t + kx)## So, I get new amplitude as a function...
  46. nysnacc

    Rotating disk find the radial and transverse velocity

    Homework Statement Homework Equations rXF ?? The Attempt at a Solution T= 6 N (r =1) T = 12 N (r=2)
  47. T

    Maximum and minimum transverse speeds at an antinode

    Homework Statement Adjacent antinodes of a standing wave on a string are 15.0cm apart. A particle at an antinode oscillates in simple harmonic motion with amplitude 0.850cm and period 0.0750s. The string lies along the +x-axis and is fixed at x = 0. the speed of the two traveling waves are...
  48. B

    Longitudinal and Transverse waves transmitting at same Veloc

    Homework Statement A picture of the problem can be found here: https://gyazo.com/a92447dcfebed53d4cbd12fc94300d9c[/B] Homework Equations So, I've already finished part A. For part B, I'm trying to figure out how to equate the two with mass on either side of the equation so that I can solve for...
  49. r_prieto5

    Sprocket diameter, chain link pressure, transverse vibration

    Homework Statement Power=P, rotation speed n1, rotation speed n2, chain center distance c, life = Lh All I need for this one is the formula for sprocket diameter. I have found calculators (https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/calcsprocketdiam.html) but no reference to the formula. Chain pitch and...