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Tri-aryl compounds/what is this

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    Ri is nothing, alkoxy, OCH2COOEt or halogen

    R2 and R3 are independently hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy, hydroxyl, or OCH2COOAIk; and

    R4 and R5 are hydrogens or form together a saturated or unsaturated of 5-7 carbocyclic ring; or- its isomer, salt, hydrate, N-oxide, crystal or any combination thereof; and a carrier, diluents, or any combination thereof
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    proculation???? says rubbish.

    Aryl is one benzene ring attached to something with one covalent bond (called phenyl alcohol= phenol), biaryl- is 2, triaryl- is 3, etc.
    These aromatic rings can be fused rings...anthracene has fused rings
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    The patent defines the aryl group as:

    In this patent application the structure is shown in the orginal document but not in this on line summary. To wit:

    You probably have to pay to play, eh?
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