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Tried to register physicforums

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    My friend [Bobbie Lame] a few mintes ago tried to register physicforums, and he askde me why the registry form has an empty txtbox to ask for what color he see in forum logo.
    I am now learning programing a webpgae, I know the implemntation of a form but I don't know why it is so either..

    Thank you
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    Re: Green

    I believe it is probably a measure to stop spam bots signing up automatically.
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    Re: Green

    I don't know about spamming, so I don't know what you mean by measure.
    I also see there is a random image for applicant to enter digits.
    Can't a spam bot be progrmmed to fill "Green" into the box ? and could it ever log in my own account ? I have used the forum long enough to ensure myself about such a hack.
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    Re: Green

    It could, but at least 90% (if not more) of them would not bother, so the color box is effective against spam bots. Plus the random image is another prevention against spam bots.

    It would need your password to do that.
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