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Trouble deciding a major ME or MET

  1. Nov 22, 2014 #1
    I'm currently a second year sophomore in college. I've had my heart set on being a mechanical engineer for some time with wanting to design weapons ect... but recently I have really had some trouble with the pre classes right before you get into your major concentration classes. Calculus two has really got me down im not doing very well in it same for calculus based physics. I just recently started to really understand some of my physics and started making some B's and C's on quizzes. But other than that i still feel a little lost in some areas of the work. This has really got me thinking of changing my major to an MET ( Mechanical engineering technology) since it has less math and its more of a hands on major. I really want to stick with ME though i just don't know if i can keep up with the classes. I do hours of math and study weeks in advance for tests and sometimes only can pull out a D or F on it. I'm just curious on what some other people that have had those upper level classes like thermodynamics and things would tell me. Should i try to tough it out and push on for ME or change to an MET?
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    While I only happen to know one person with something similar to an MET he actually happens to work for raython as kind of a weapons designer.I also know a few ME's who do not work for the weapons industry and one that does. I guess I am trying to say it is really possible to do it from either side. I would suspect it is much easier to do it from an ME though. The MET guy had to work his way up while the other started out right in the design aspects. I wish you luck.
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