What is Engineering technology: Definition and 28 Discussions

An engineering technologist is a professional trained in certain aspects of development and implementation of a respective area of technology. Engineering technology education is even more applied and less theoretical than engineering education, though in a broad sense both have a focus on practical application. Engineering technologists often assist engineers but after years of experience, they can also become engineers. Like engineers, areas where engineering technologists can work include product design (including improvement), fabrication and testing. Also as with engineers, engineering technologists sometimes rise to senior management positions in industry or become entrepreneurs.
The engineering technology field often overlaps with many of the same general areas in engineering (e.g. design/development, testing) but the focus is even more on application than in engineering field (which is, in a somewhat different sense, also about the application of science). Engineering technologists are more likely than engineers to focus on (post-development) implementation or operation of technology but this is not a strict rule as they often do design original concepts. The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in the USA summarizes the distinction as being that engineers are trained more with conceptual skills to "function as designers," while engineering technologists "apply others' designs." The mathematics and sciences, as well as other technical courses, in engineering technology programs, tend to be taught with more application-based examples, whereas engineering coursework provides a more theoretical foundation in math and science (because those are the very subjects that engineers apply directly). Moreover, engineering coursework tends to require higher-level mathematics, including calculus and beyond, as well as more extensive knowledge of the natural sciences applied in design, which also serve to prepare students for research (whether in graduate studies or industrial R&D). Engineering technology courses generally have more labs associated with their undergraduate courses that require the hands-on application of the studied topics.
Although in the USA, some states require a BS degree in engineering accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) with no exceptions, about two-thirds of the states accept BS degrees in engineering technology accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET to become licensed as professional engineers. Each state has different requirements on years of experience to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Professional Engineering (PE) exams. A few states require a graduate MS in engineering to sit for the exams. This education model is more in line with the educational system in the United Kingdom where an accredited MEng or MSc degree in engineering for further learning is required by the Engineering Council (EngC) to be registered as a Chartered Engineer. Engineering technology graduates with applied engineering skills often gain further learning in graduate school with an MS degree in engineering technology, engineering, engineering management, construction management or a National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)-accredited Master of Architecture degree program. These degrees are also offered online or through distance learning opportunities with various universities, both nationally and internationally, allowing an individual to continue working full time while gaining an advanced degree.

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  1. CaptainAtom1996

    Schools Engineering Technology to Engineering graduate school?

    Hello all, a friend of mine is considering switching to an engineering technology degree but still plans to attend graduate school for engineering. This just got me thinking, what would the draw backs be? How easy or hard would it be for someone in a engineering technology program to go to...
  2. A

    Programs BS in Aerospace Engineering Technology?

    I've been looking into some AET and MET programs lately and trying to decide if it might be a viable major choice. I've been interested in aerospace engineering for a long time and always thought of that as my go-to college major, since I have a passion for just about anything with wings and/or...
  3. R

    Schools Grad School with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Hi everyone, Hopefully someone out there has gone through this as well, or can weight in on it in some way. I have a MET degree from 2007 with a cumulative gpa below 3.0. I want to get into the aerospace industry, and I'd really like to get an advanced degree to maximize my career...
  4. P

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering Technology

    I have a question do you think Mechanical Engineering Technology is a good degree to obtain? Would Mechanical Engineering Technology still be in demand even with manufacturing jobs being shipped over seas? Do you think getting a bachelors degree In Mechanical Engineering Technology gives you a...
  5. T

    Programs Can an ME Technology degree be upgrade to an ME degree

    can a mechanical engineering technology degree be upgrade to an engineering degree
  6. A

    Engineering Mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology

    Hi I am new to this forum and have a series question. I have a dilemma I want to do mechanical engineering, but based on my circumstances I'm worried I may not have enough funds to get past and associates degree of engineering. do you guys think I could get a technicians job with that or should...
  7. L

    Programs Mechanical Engineering Technology?

    Hi, I am seeking some opinions regarding a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I do understand the general scope of the degree opposed to Mechanical Engineering. I am without a college education and working full-time in Quality Control at an industrial CO2 laser company. A local...
  8. J

    Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Hello, all. I am currently a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. I was doing really well up until this current semester and my grades are starting to get lower and I have been losing interest in the material. I am considering switching to civil because their technical gpa requirements are a bit...
  9. U

    How can I better adjust myself to the American industry?

    Hello, I am a 3rd mechanical engineering major who is heavily interested into going into the nanotechnology field. I chose mechanical engineering because it is a very broad and powerful field. I have heavily interested in nanotechnology and I would love to pursue that field for a career...
  10. K

    Exploring a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology

    I think I'm kind of geared more towards Mechanical Engineering Technology because of it's practicality, but I also want to make my own designs, which isn't really taught in MET, where you get to do other people's designs. But for some reason I don't want to do just ME or MET. So I've 2...
  11. T

    Programs Trouble deciding a major ME or MET

    I'm currently a second year sophomore in college. I've had my heart set on being a mechanical engineer for some time with wanting to design weapons ect... but recently I have really had some trouble with the pre classes right before you get into your major concentration classes. Calculus two has...
  12. P

    Which branch of Engineering Technology?

    Hey, I thought I'd just throw this out to the forum to hear some opinions. I'm considering doing an Engineering Technology Diploma here in Canada and I'm just debating which branch to choose based on my interests and experiences. The branches I'm looking at are Electrical Engineering...
  13. D

    Engineering Job after Electrical Engineering Technology

    Hey all I graduated in 2009 with 2 Bachelor of Arts, worked for 3 years (profesionally as a marketer and doing PR) but didn't enjoy my career and wanted to transition to electrical engineering as I was looking for more stability in my future career prospects. I started off with a 2 year...
  14. U

    Schools Options After Graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology

    So I'm finally ready to graduate next semester with a BS in Mechanical engineering technology. I've been thinking of my options now. I really don't want to be a technician, unfortunately I didn't really know the difference between an ME and MET degree until fairly recently, and then decided I'd...
  15. K

    Programs Mechanical engineering degree vs mechanical engineering technology degree

    What is the difference? My school only offers the technology one. It says you can still take the exams to become a licensed engineer. Will this make an impact job wise? Good or bad?
  16. K

    Programs Electrical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering Technology degree?

    What is the difference between the two different degrees, I have only been able to find a few different college websites where they describe the differences but the two different websites had different information on them. I really want to get into engineering and if I do regular engineering...
  17. T

    Whats the deal with an Engineering Technology degree?

    So I have plans to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona in Southern California next year. They offer a bachelors of science in engineering technology. I thought this sounded like a trade school degree until I spoke to one of the professors in that department. He made it seem that this degree was...
  18. J

    Engineering Electronic engineering technology and signal processing

    hello I am in the final year of my electronics engineering technology program and I've really developed an interest in subjects such as analog and digital signal processing, filters, amplifiers, etc. are there jobs in these areas for people at my level? I've been doing some job searching and...
  19. T

    Mechanical Engineering Technology vs. Physics

    I'm a freshman college student and I'm confused about what I want my major to be. My current major is Mechanical Engineering Technology. I love engineering because I want to design and create machines that will be beneficial to human life, but I love physics because I want to know how the...
  20. P

    Is electroninc engineering technology right for me? *Guidance Needed*

    I'm currently 20. The highest level of math I took in high school was algebra 2 :frown:... I've always done well in math, I just never aimed high for whatever reason. Up until recently I've been torn between pursuing a career in music or computer science.. now I know that I don't want either...
  21. R

    Courses Advanced Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technology: My Journey

    I'm planning on taking a 3-year Advanced Diploma in a college for Electromechanical Engineering Technology. If I do well in this program, then I will transfer to an undergraduate engineering program at some university. I've been thinking, if the Technology program is equivalent to just some...
  22. J

    The 2 year AAS in Electronics Engineering Technology

    I am in a little dilemma. I have taken interest in a 2 year EET program at my local community college but am unsure if it is marketable. From my research, an AAS in Electronics Engineering Technology would qualify you for a technician's job. Are technician's in high demand these days? For...
  23. J

    Is Engineering Technology as Prestigious as Engineering?

    hi everybody...i am about to start my sophomore year in manufacturing engineering technology. before attending college i didn´t know the differences between engineering and eng.technology so i ask to some people about that. i got the idea but i am still confused. do eng.tech. graduates have the...
  24. A

    Civil Engineering Technology

    I'll be transferring to a school offering civil engineering after the years of trying out different majors, I think I'm finally going after what was meant for me. Excited yet disappointed that the degree isn't exactly civil engineering but civil engineering technology. I've researched what...
  25. A

    Getting a job with a MS in Engineering Technology

    I am about to graduate with a BS in physics with a 3.5. I'm exploring different graduate school options and can get in and do well in physics graduate school, but I'm more interested in Engineering Technology type studies(as opposed to engineering). Is there a good job market though for...
  26. H

    Engineering A question on upgrading your career in computer engineering technology

    If I have a degree in computer engineering technology can I upgrade it to a degree in computer engineering by simply working and gaining experience?If so how many years of experience would it take to get an advance in my career. Thanks for your answers in advance.
  27. ranger

    Engineering and engineering technology

    Can someone explain the differences between engineering and engineering tech? --thanks