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Trying to fabricate a 1-2-3 YBCO superconductor

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    Hey everybody, just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with superconductor fabrication? I know the whole crystal lattice structure thing is more chemistry than physics but I figured I could post in both places.

    Anyways, I am currenty trying to fabricate a 1-2-3 YBCO superconductor. Some of my samples have come out of the oven green which is due to the powder not being mixed well enough, but even when there is hardly any green I am having problems getting my superconductors to show any signs of superconductivity.

    I was just wondering if anyone else here has attempted this and run into the same problems. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    It is? The folks working in the largest field in physics might disagree. Crystal growth maybe but lattice structure definetly is not!

    Assuming that you've managed to create proper YBCO do you even have a way to cool it to 90K where it becomes superconducting?
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    True. Hadn't really thought about that lol.

    yes, I have a supply of LN2 that I am working with.
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    You don't happen to have a XRD setup to see if it crystallized right? It's either that or your experimental setup isn't working.
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    I don't have any equipment set up to see if the lattice is correct or not, but we do have the equipment I believe. Was hoping that I wouldn't have to go to those lengths.

    The experimental setup is simple enough, just an electronic scale, about 20 styrofoam cups, a magnet and a ring stand. I was hoping for just a little bit of the Meissner effect to show up and tell me what I'm doing is right but so far I've got nothing.
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    Instead of trying to observe the meissner effect, try to measure the resistance instead. Also, from the listed equipment, you dont have a thermometer, make sure you know its at or below the needed temperature, it can take a lil while to drop to the needed temperature using Liq. nitro. :approve:
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    A few question. What method are you using? Solid State reaction? What temperature is your sintering step? How long are you annealing the sample? You are anealing in O2? The RE123's are pretty easy to make. A few of them need to be processed in a Ar atomsphere first and then annealed in O2.
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