What is Ybco: Definition and 12 Discussions

Yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO) is a family of crystalline chemical compounds, famous for displaying high-temperature superconductivity. It includes the first material ever discovered to become superconducting above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen (77 K) at about 92 K. Many YBCO compounds have the general formula YBa2Cu3O7−x (also known as Y123), although materials with other Y:Ba:Cu ratios exist, such as YBa2Cu4Oy (Y124) or Y2Ba4Cu7Oy (Y247). At present, there is no singularly recognised theory for high-temperature superconductivity.

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  1. Mayhem

    How do YBCO superconductors react with hydrochloric acid?

    If we consider YBCO 123, YBa2Cu3O7-δ, what would the expected reaction if dissolved in aqeuous HCl? I have tried to find resources about this online, but the closest I got was related to Cl-containing YBCOs, and not actual reaction stoichiometry. My intuition tells me the metal centers (Y, Ba)...
  2. DariusP

    I What are the applications of YBCO bulks?

    So I've seen that can-superconductors are selling YBCO bulks (example: https://www.can-superconductors.com/levitation-bulk.html ) My question, however, is: What are its buyers? Who buys this product other than curious enthusiasts who want to witness the levitation of this material by...
  3. DariusP

    I How much does it cost to synthesize YBCO?

    How much would it cost to synthesize YBCO? What devices would I need? Is it possible to make a quality (not brittle) YBCO in my home, so I could conduct countless experiments (providing I have enough liquid nitrogen)?
  4. Mayan Fung

    I Flux pinning effect and hysteresis loop

    I am taking an experimental course which requires us to conduct experiments by ourselves. One of the tasks is to demonstrate the flux pinning effect of a type II superconductor YBCO by magnetic levitation. The professor asked me to discuss the effect by using the hysteresis loop (magnetization...
  5. S

    Creating YBCO: Melting Down and Doping for Superconductivity

    Once synthesized, can YBCO be melted down to add more material or change the doping and still result in a functional superconductor?
  6. S

    YBCO Phonon Frequency: Hole Doping .2, 75-70°K @ 70°K

    I was hoping someone could tell me the phonon frequency of the electrons for YBCO with hole doping of about .2 and a critical temperature of around 75-70°K at about 70°K. An answer in Hz would be preferred, or failing that, in cm-1 with the wave speed. Also, might the Kohn anomaly influence the...
  7. M

    Ginzburg-Landau Parameter for YBCO

    Can anyone provide a good reference which gives the G-L parameter for YBCO (a) along the ab-plane of the sample and (b) along the c-axis? I've been to the depths of Google Scholar and back and found nothing, so any help would be much appreciated. :)
  8. R

    YBCO & Maglev Trains: Superconductor Properties & Levitation

    I'm interested in the superconductors they use to levitate trains. One of the most talked about high-temp-superconductors seems to be Ytriuum Barium Copper Oxide. I know this has a critical temperature of around 90-93K. Does anyone know any of its mechanical properties, such as Young's Modulus...
  9. H

    Measurements on YBCO, and their meaning.

    Hi. I will in a soon future be able to make some experiments with superconductivity on a University nearby. The reason that I started this thread was because I need some help with just what I can measure that can be in any intresset for me. The equipment is quite high so that shouldn´t be a...
  10. D

    YBCO critical temperature not right

    In doing some research using a basic superconducting kit with a susceptibility probe, we set out to find the critical temperature for the YBCO compound. In our first attempts, we were only able to achieve a critical temperature of 78.8 K, and the actual value is said to be between 90 and 93...
  11. D

    Yutirium barium copper oxide (YBCO)

    can YBCO be prepared in lab.?:biggrin: :approve:
  12. C

    Trying to fabricate a 1-2-3 YBCO superconductor

    Hey everybody, just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with superconductor fabrication? I know the whole crystal lattice structure thing is more chemistry than physics but I figured I could post in both places. Anyways, I am currenty trying to fabricate a 1-2-3 YBCO superconductor...