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Maple Trying to graph a parameterised 3D function in maple 11

  1. Oct 25, 2009 #1
    Hi been trying to graph a parameterised 3D function in maple 11. My problem is that I have two constant terms that satisfy there own condition. That is, simplified, I need to draw:

    x(t)= (a/b)*sin(b*t)
    y(t)= (a/b)*cos(b*t)
    z(t)= a*t*sin(b*t)

    subject to (a^2)+(b^2)=1.

    Any ideas how to incorporate this into Maple?

    Much appreciated
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    Re: Maple

    For a fixed pair (a,b) your graph is a curve in 3-space. Can you draw that with Maple?

    When (a,b) vary, what is it you want to draw?
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    Re: Maple

    yeah I can draw it with fixed a&b,

    I think I want to know is it possible to program maple so that i can write a and b in the parametrisation, but define there values outside of the expression for the graph.

    The idea being that I want to plug many different values of a and b to see the resulting graph, without having to go through the parameterisation and change them directly. (I my actual example there is around twenty a's and b's)
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