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Turbulence and Turbulence Modeling

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    Turbelence and modeling of this phenomenon are areas of professional interest, in addition to CFD and fluid-structure interaction.

    CFD-online is an excellent reference source for topics in CFD. I came across their Wiki and thought this might be useful.



    I have been concerned the turbulence models are not necessarily adequate, especially around discontinuities, e.g. obstructions in the flow field.

    In addition, I am interested in developments of fluid-structure interaction models, since that requires coupling CFD with FEM structural models.

    I'd be interested in any experiences or reference papers.
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    Well, Astro, for learning about "Turbulence Models", as the k-epsilon, k-omega, etc, take a look at Pope's book or to Fluent Manual. I may help you with the big picture if you have particular questions. I think these models will be more suitable for you for calculating the kind of stuff that you do in industry.

    If you want to employ something more realistic but not crazy, you should use LES or Unsteady RANS. Again Pope's book offers you a wide explanation of these two methods.

    Moreover, if you are interested not on rough models of turbulence like the former ones, but on the physics of turbulence and coherent structures, I really recommend you to read Pope's and classical papers on turbulence, as Brown and Roskho (Plane Shear Layer) on the JFM.

    And if you want I am here for answering you some of your inquiries (the easy ones).
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    I recently got interested in this topic. Thanks for the references!

    Before I dive into the literature though, I would like to know what kind of coherent structures are you talking about. Do they live in phase-space or in configuration-space? Are they self-binding? What kind of waves are they associated with?

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