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Turbulence issues within tubing (Exair Vortex system)

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    I used the Darcy Friction Factor from the Moody Diagram along with the Reynolds number to find energy losses inside the cold air tubing of our vortex system. My calculations showed that I should decrease transitions, length, diameter, and velocity. I am mainly concerned with the figuring out an equation to get the right ratio of velocity and diameter so I can get laminar flow. It seems like there is a very short range where I can adjust these two and come out with colder air. I tried writing a DE to figure out how but am struggling with the variables. I am wondering If I should abandon this approach and use Bernoulli's so I can figure out pressure drops at certain parts or if what I am doing is correct. Also is there an easy to decrease turbulence inside an elbow without using guide vanes?
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    What is a vortex system?
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    Its a generator that cools air.
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    the air then proceds out and cools CPU's while they are being tested.
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    If you want colder air run your high pressure line right up to your workstation and regulate to your working pressure as close to the work as possible
    What do you do with the hot side air?
    It is easy to decrease turbulence in an elbow use a bigger elbow with a smooth radius
    I personally prefer an air amplifier for cooling it's not as cool as the hot cold vortex but it puts out more air than it uses. The vortex dumps half the air out the back
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