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TV shows from the past you'd rather not watch again

  1. Jan 21, 2012 #1
    These could be shows that you liked to watch in about the
    past 55+ years.

    However, upon looking back, you find them to fall in some
    combination of these categories/types:

    a) too corny for your likes, b) outdated,
    c) painful to watch, d) the canned laughter stands out too
    much/characters being applauded as they enter a scene,
    e) certain characters were put-down too much for
    your liking (e.g. yelling), f) the series was noticeably revamped
    in order to attract a different demographic, mainly in the
    changing of characters/additions/deletions, g) characters were
    changed too much (as opposed to the evolution of a
    character), h) you notice how fake (including manufactured drama),
    scripted, actors working for the show who are supposed to be
    contestants/players/innocent bystanders, unnecessary talking,
    j) becoming too much drama for what is supposed to be a comedy,
    k) the series lost its focus about what theme it began with, or
    l) other reason(s).

    Some of my examples, in no particular order:

    e) "All in the Family" - - Archie to Edith
    "Alice" - - Mel to Vera

    c) "Three's Company"

    b) and c) "The Family Feud" - - the edition where Richard Dawson kisses all (?) of the
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . women contestants on the lips

    f) "Seaquest DSV"

    h) [Insert hundreds of "reality" shows here.]

    j) "Everybody Loves Raymond" - - degree and frequency of yelling

    d), f), and k) "Happy Days"

    a) "The Brady Bunch"

    g) "Everybody Loves Raymond" -- Debra more so into a *****
    "The Kin of Queens" - - sam thing with Carrie

    h) newer "American Gladiators" edition - - the interviewing of contestants
    newer "Fear Factor" edition

    k) "Roseanne" - - the family becoming rich

    h) "Deal or No Deal"

    h) "Candid Camera"

    k) "Candid Camera" - - became too mean-spirited. It became more so being annoying,
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and humiliating to the alleged victims," instead of more so
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to bewildering people

    f) "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

    f) "Jeopardy" - - Alex Trebek is smug and pretentious

    c) any of the "Lucy" series after "I Love Lucy"

    h) "What Would You Do?"

    h) "Howie Do It"

    g) "Lost in Space" - - Dr. Smith
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    Dude ... you have WAYYYY too much stare time on your hands.
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    (My username was corrected in the quote box.)

    That's interesting. Is "stare time" a deliberate pun as in looking at
    the television too much?

    Please feel free to add your examples to this thread.
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    Ancient aliens, anybody??
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    I like Serena

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    f) "Three's Company"
    This is an American remake of the British "Man About the House" with Richard O'Sullivan which I really like.
    The result is lame.

    f) "Coupling (US)"
    Same thing happened to the British "Coupling".
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    "Sanford and Son" - - certain actors reading off of cue cards

    Wasn't this an Americanized version of the "Steptoe and Son" series?
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    The X-Files. I can't believe I devoted enough of my life to watch every single episode of that show. Some episodes were really good (especially the comedic ones which didn't take themselves too seriously), but the rest of it is a ponderous mess in hindsight.

    It really pains me to say this now, but I was a huge fan when I was young and callow and the show was just being aired. When I got older, I continued to watch it out of an obsession with completionism despite the nagging feeling that it had long jumped the shark.

    A while back, I caught the second movie for the sake of nostalgia. Damn, it sucked hard.
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    The nightly news.
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    Sid and Marty Krofft. have produced some real stinkers. I know they're kid's shows but C'MON!

    Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
    The Lost Saucer
    Far Out Space Nuts

    Read Wiki's article, The Lost Saucer. Hahaha
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    If I really hated a show, I would never watch it again anyway. I can't compile a list of such shows because it would contain most of the shows ever broadcast.
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    I only watched the last 4 or 5 shows after hearing it was going to end. I prefered the alternate ending where it turns out that it was all the dog's dream, several of these on youtube, done on Jimmy Kimmel live, and also written by Bart Simpson on the chalkboard during the opening sequence on one of The Simpsons episodes:

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    I'd say Full House is the perfect example for me. I used to love watching it when I was little but now when I see it it just seems painfully bad.
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    It would be easier to name tv shows from the past that are worth revisiting. And how much time are we talking here? The only really old show (more then 25 years old) I can think of that's worth checking out is the original Twilight Zone. Oh and TOS Star Trek.
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    night court
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    Besides, that is for a different thread, but you could dwell on it some more.
    (e.g. "Mission Impossible," "The Wild Wild West," "Kung Fu")

    [itex]\text{But let's not hijack this thread for that.}[/itex]

    "The Love Boat"

    "Fantasy Island"
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    Quite seriously - if I knew I was dying, like if I had just a few hours to live, and I was thinking about the life I've lived...there is *nothing* on TV that I'd think was worth the time.

    Time is just too precious.

    Yes, I'm one of those obnoxious people who does not own a TV :biggrin:.
  20. Jan 22, 2012 #19
    "Frasier" - - The Daphne and Miles developing "romance" was forced-looking
    to me as I didn't see chemistry between them.


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