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Two general questions about differential equations.

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    I'm currently studying ODE's from Boyce's 'Elementary differential equations and Boundary value problems', It's a good book and it also explains some physical applications of differential equations, but I'm looking for a book that its main topic is about how to write differential equations for various mathematical modelings of physical situations. I'd like to know more about ' the applications of ODE's ' and I'm looking for a book that is more application oriented.

    my next question is what prerequisites I need to know before I can understand a book about PDE's.

    Thanks in advance.
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    No ideas?
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    Have you tried 'Differential Equations' by Simmons? It's a good book & contains many problems in physics.
    For a course in PDEs, you must be familiar with calculus of several variables & a little functional analysis.
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    Do you mean "Differential equations (with applications and historical notes)" by George f. Simmons published by McGraw-Hill?

    Do I need to know multi-variable Real Analysis? I mean I've already read Rudin's mathematical analysis to the end of Chapter 5. am I prepared or I need to study next chapters too before I can understand PDE's?
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