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Typing equations in Microsoft Word 2007

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    Does anyone know how to use the equations editor in microsoft word 2007?
    When I go the insert tab, I can insert symbols, but the equations option is grayed out. I do NOT have the patience to sit there finicking with formatting, etc. just to see



    or something even harder to format (like an equation involving total differential or something).

    Any ideas?
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    If the equations option in the drop down menu is not available, then that option was not installed. If you have the Office 2007 CD (or Word) then one should be able to install it.

    Otherwise one can use super and subscripts in the set of Commands on the Customize toolbar > Format > supercript or supscript. That can enable one to do simple polynomials, exponents and indices. Otherwise one needs to intall the equation or use a TeX (Latex) editor.
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    OK, that's it. I'll talk to the head of the physics department and ask him to kindly get equations installed. Manual formatting (especially when the program loves to automatically format everything) is not my cup of tea.

    Then again... I really like LaTeX. Do you know how to install a TeX editor?
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    How can I calculate the avreage in Microsoft Word 2007,,

    and is the equation tools only for the apperance or it can calculate!!
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    Also, if the file you're working on is saved as .doc the button will be grayed out aswell.

    I'm digging up this thread because it's one of the first results google gave me when I searched for this anomaly.
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    Yes! That's exactly the issue I came up against. What can be done about the fact that it's grayed out? Anything? Yes, I do have it installed because I can use the equation editor thing on .docx documents.

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    Just save the document as .docx.
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    Also, the "old" equation editor (aka Microsoft Equation 3.0) is still in Word 2007/2008/2010/2011, and it can be used in either .doc documents or .docx documents. To get to it in Word 2007, in the Text group of the Insert tab, click on Object. From there, it's similar to previous versions of Word. (Look for Microsoft Equation in the list of "Objects".)

    Of course MathType works too, but you asked about Equation Editor.
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