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U of T Portfolio? (Mech Engineering)

  1. May 3, 2010 #1
    Hey, just curious if there will be a chance to display a portfolio of some kind when applying to U of T for mechanical engineering.

    My academics are ok, but nothing special (80% average) however i have a large portfolio of engineering related projects and creations i wish to let the university know about.... Is there anyway of doing this?
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    Well there is, when you apply to the university they ask you to fill in a supplemental application, there you can tell them all about your experiences. (Assuming U of T is University of Toronto). I think a really good supplement with an 80% average should be enough for mech E.

    But isn't it a little too late to apply now? Or are you in 11th grade? because if you are don't worry about your average because they will only look at your grade 12 prerequisites for admission (grade 11 counts only if your grades are high for early admission, around February) .
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