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Schools [UG]} UBC OR University Of Toronto For ECE(Engineering)

  1. Jun 3, 2012 #1

    I am currently deciding between UBC or Toronto for Electrical engineering.
    I have spent my first year at toronto, and I neither like nor dislike the university.
    I applied transfer for mainly two reasons:
    1) my parent wants me to stay vancouver with them
    2) high living cost at Toronto (but not a factor now, since I have student loan)

    The Objectives I want to archive:
    getting into a top grad school in US.

    I have never been to UBC, but from what I heard, Toronto (and waterloo) is probably the best engineering school in Canada in terms of its funding, atmosphere, and reputation. My only concerns are, will going to UBC affect my probability of getting into the top grad school in US?

    I am not worrying about the names of these two schools since they are equally prestigious.
    However, according to facts and figures, Toronto probably has more resources to offer, such as research positions to its engineering students. But the TAs in Toronto told me that all the resources go into grad school instead of undergrad.

    So, I want to do some researches in returns of resources that could offer to its undergrad these two schools have.
    How could I start?
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  3. Jun 4, 2012 #2
    Engsci 1T3 here. Honestly, if you've already finished a year here at UofT, I would recommend you just stay. Things get better after first year, and more enjoyable. I should ask though, what were you studying here at UofT? I'm assuming in this response that it was ECE.

    Both schools will be just as good for getting you into grad school, as long as you put forth the effort and get good grades.

    UofT has a pretty good ECE department, and lots of interesting research. This also means lots of research opportunities. I can't speak on behalf of UBC, but I am sure it has just as good research opportunities too.

    In my opinion, you should have a very strong reason for transferring schools after completing one year at UofT. I think the schools are one the same level in terms of quality. It is up to you to decide if expenses/living at home are important to you.

    In regards to expenses/living at home. I strongly recommend you live away from home. It is a good learning experience, plus a much better social experience. And in terms of expenses, if you are going into ECE, you will most likely get a very good job right out of school. If you want to do grad school, that is a different story, but most likely you will still get a very good job (just a few years later, and depending on whether you pursue just an MS or a PhD).

    Hope this helps.
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