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Ultra thin silver and gold foil

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    does anyone know where to buy ultra thin (0.024" or less) large silver and gold foil squares (like 7"'x7" for gold/silver and up to 3'x6' for silver)?

    Looking into large and small sputtering and sealing around a large surface area of metal and connecting the electrode outside the vacuum is easier than trying to lay out a bunch of small pieces and then trying to electrically connect them.
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    Exactly what units are those?
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    Assuming (") means inches that is pretty thick foil. Where does the ultra thin come in?

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    Yes. 0.024 inch is not really foil, but a fairly thick shim or a sheet material.

    If I needed shim, I would buy a commodity, in this case drawn round wire, then roll it through jewellery rollers to make the thickness and width material that I required for my task. That way I buy the material for the lowest price and can adjust my stock for optimum thickness as I operate the process.

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    That is a really good idea, where do you get a jewelry roller? Then I could just buy junk silver or gold and then melt it down and roll it out? can you melt silver with this - http://www.bethlehemburners.com/torches/alpha

    then just pour it out over a surface and let it harden?
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    ebay search; Jewellery Rolling Mill. I get 290 listings. Most are only 3" or 4" wide.

    It depends on the gasses and the amount of heat you need. Reduce heat loss by using a small enclosed oven.

    Spill the melt into a long groove, maybe cut in wood. Then when hard, roll it through the round profile section of the jewellery rollers to make a rod of uniform needed diameter. Then roll the rod between the flat rollers to make shim.

    also ebay search; jewellery furnace
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