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I wonder who else has this problem. Lately, I'm just unable to view some threads especially the threads in GD. Whenever I click on the link my browser window closes(I use Mozilla Firefox) and I get signed out. I cannot view any of the "Happy Birthday threads" and recently I cannot view the "Happy New Year" thread. I seriously suspect that I cannot view the threads whose titles end with '!!!!' . (Wierd!! :yuck: )
(I thought I might as well wish everyone in this thread :smile: . Happy New Year everyone!! Keep up the good work here!!)
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What? You can't view threads with !!!!!? :grumpy:

Happy new year, by the way! :smile:
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Happy New Year, Reshma!

I am not family with Firefox, but I wonder if you need to clean out a cache.

Also, maybe try logging out and logging back in?

You might also want to do a post in the technology/software forum, or be patient and wait for others to respond here.
hehehehe... you said you're not family with firefox... is IE your cousin then? what web browsers are you related to?? hehehe


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I suddenly started having problems with FireFox also (not just with this site). I have no idea what caused the problem (probably some conflict) but I ended up reinstalling into a new folder/directory and it works fine now.

(Opera is my main browser but I need FF for some special work.)
The wierd thing I am having the same problem even when I use Internet Explorer. I tried to access these threads without signing in, but the same problem arises i. e. my browser does not take me to the desired destination when I click on thread link, instead the browser window just closes!! I'll try reinstalling FF and check out if it works.
Most of the sorts of threads you mentioned have pics, smilies, and animated gifs from sources other than PF. You think that might have something to do with it?
TheStatutoryApe said:
Most of the sorts of threads you mentioned have pics, smilies, and animated gifs from sources other than PF. You think that might have something to do with it?
I don't think that's the case. I cannot access the threads whose titles end with "!!!!" like most of the birthday, new year threads. I am usually click shy of GD topics which are more than 3 pages long :shy: . But now even when I want to access some of them my browser is preventing me and I was quite disappointed when I could not read the New Year thread. Still searching for a solution....


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It could be one of two things.

1) A bad extension
2) Macromedia Flash

I would first try switching the style of the site to 'Prime' which is just plain without any flash. If you still have the same problems I suggest removing extensions.
I have removed all the extensions but still I'm encountering the same problem. How do I switch the style?
I have intermittant problems with this. Some times I am just not able to open a thread. It's not permanent, though. If I shut the computer off and come back later, I can sometimes open it, or if someone else posts in it, it seems to jog it back into working for me.


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Reshma said:
How do I switch the style?
Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the left corner. There's a drop-down list with 3 different skins - classic, nexus and prime.

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