Undergrad transfer to a school i am interested in for grad school

  1. Hey all
    Currently i am in my sophomore year at University A. University B is also close by and has a better reputation for my major. I have been thinking about transferring to University B to finish out my undergrad but University B is one of the schools i have been considering for grad school. I have heard things about MIT not accepting it's own undergrads for grad school. While University B does not have a policy like that I was just wondering if in general universities seem to have a preference for people coming from their own or other undergraduate programs. One of the first advantages i can think of would be the opportunity to get to know the faculty throughout the rest of my undergrad, and i guess the disadvantage would be them being sick of me by the time grad school comes around. IDK
    your thoughts??? Thanks
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    The school is unlikely to have an 'official' position (it would risk discimination lawsuits esp in the US)
    But each dept, each admissions committee and every individual supervisor might have their own opinion/prejudice about this but in general it shouldn't be a factor.

    ps. The reputation of a school for your major doesn't have a lot of bearing on the quality of ugrad teaching - it shouldn't be a big consideration of where to study.
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