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Undergraduate Application for Ontario Secondary School Students

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    Hi. I was doing my Undergraduate Application for Current Ontario Secondary School Students (OUCA). I did Engineering Science (Physics) at UofT. But of UofT's Undergraduate physics at St.George, should it be part of "SG:Physical and Mathematical Sciences" and then Subject of Major Interest is physics???

    and then which is the best (for physics) of Innis College, New College, St Michael's College, Trinity College, University College, Victoria College and Woodsworth College. It tells me to rate from 1-7.

    And is the Waterloo's physics's is also part of "Physical and Mathematical Sciences"?
    What else should I apply for? UBC, Alberta, MacMaster?
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    I highly recommend Engineering Science program at UofT. It teach you many topics in engineering and physics and definitely helps you prepare for graduate school. From alumi statistics, about 50% of Nsci graduates go onto graduate school (many of them in very prestigious program).
    Tho be prepare to work really hard. It known to be a lot harder than normal engineering program (electrical, computer etc).

    Waterloo also has a very good 'mathematical physics' program under mathematics department. You learn both mathematics and physics but the its lacking the lab courses. I do not recommend physics/math physics under science department at UW as the program is not very well organized.
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    I don't really plan to go to EngSci since I wanna be a theoretical physicist. Is it possible to go EngSci and still be theoretical physicist?
    What's wrong with the UW physics department? I thought their really good because of the connections Perimeter institute.
    In gerenal which do you think is better, UofT or Waterloo physics? (theoretical)

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    Engsci teaches you a lot about physics and the program is also very theoretical as well. I would say it is one of the toughest program in Canada. Also since its an engineering degree, you can always fall back and become an engineer just in case you change your mind pursuing physics.

    Perimeter institute is not part of UW. Tho students are able to take upper year courses from there. UW is only strong for engineering but not really for theoretical part of physics.
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    Oh wow really? Hmm I know PI isn't part of UW but they have very close connections. A UofT prof. said that UW is probability better for theoretical physics.

    So if I get accepted into all 3, which do you think I should go? Can I do a double major? would that be insane? I'm pretty certain that I'm going to be pursuing physics. Oh and physics is like 85+ avg. (not many pple want to go into physics is the reason why the requirment is so low or its really higher but they write it low?), and Engsci is high 80s to low 90s. I have 91% now, do you think I'll make it into Engsci?
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    You can probably get accepted to engsci as long as you maintain ur 90% avg.
    For double majoring, you can always decide once you get to university and see how you can handle it :P.
    I am actually from UW and our school is really only known for engineering and computer science.
    If you do get accepted to all, I would still recomend engsci =) it will definitely help you pursue grad school in physics or various other. Also engsci program do have a physics option (http://www.engsci.toronto.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=59 [Broken]). So yeah you get to focus on rigorous physics + engineering courses. I am just recommending you to go into this program, because you are still young and you might change your mind going into physics. Engineering is another great field so.
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    Just to make sure, to choose Physics. I have to be a "Faculty of Arts and Science's" and then physics as the "major topic of interest" right?

    Ps. I know it sound stupid.. but got to make sure.
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