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Schools Undergraduate in a Canadian University

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    I'm currently a first year (Life Science) undergraduate in a Canadian University and I was thinking of trying to complete a minor in math. I kind of like math and it does somewhat interest me; but lately I have become lazy, I feel like I was much more school orientated in high school. I'm am working on that this semester. Anyways, I not that good at math but I am relatively quick at grasping the concepts I've encountered so far (relative to my high school class and SOME of the other first year students I know). I should mention that I didn't go to an amazing high school, but it got me into a good university. I am very prone to silly and just inexcusable mistakes, specially in test and exam situations. There are soo may students much better than me in math and probably much smarter, and what if I end up failing a course, my course load would be too heavy for me to try make it up, and summer school may be difficult as i need to work to pay tuition and loan fees. I'll just end up taking math courses for electives, and increasing my stress levels and work load for no reason. At the same time, a minor might keep more doors open as I am still not too sure where I will be after I get my undergraduate degree. Also I heard that a minor looks good to potential employers.

    Can anyone give me some advice?
    Thanks in advance, a.a
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    Re: Minor

    If you enjoy taking math courses, get a math minor. If you don't, don't.

    IMHO, minors are worth *very* little in the job market... perhaps they have some value before you have any experience, but once you've worked for a year or two, no one will care.

    This doesn't mean you won't learn interesting or valuable things in the courses, of course. Just that wrapping them in a bow and calling them a minor is kind of worthless.
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    Re: Minor

    Take a few math classes and if it's something you enjoy, take the classes for their own sake and the minor will just be a bonus.
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