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Understandig Representation of SO(3) Group

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    Hi, I'm very new on Group Theory, and lacking of easy to understand document on it.

    I cant get Representation of SO(3) Groups.

    Is there anyone can tell me useful information about it?

    Tore Han
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    SO(3) is ONE group.. not groups.

    Here you have some basic info about SO(3) (rotations)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SO(3 [Broken])

    I can give you this link, but there is not some much about matrix lie groups in it, but I found it very useful for learning basics of groups at least.
    http://www.teorfys.uu.se/people/minahan/Courses/Mathmeth/notes.pdf [Broken]

    I have not used this source so much yet, but it looks quite good:

    If you want to study group theory for quantum mechanics such as angular mometa etc, I recommend "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by sakurai, chapter 3 and 4
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    Sorry about my mistake.

    And thanks for the informations. it will be useful.
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