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Understanding of electrochemistry

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    just wondering. i remember once i had a battery, some change, and my keys in my pocket and eventually i reallized the battery got really really hot. just for the heck of it i tried to get that to happen again and it didnt work. can someone explain why this happenned before?

    i tried putting a penny on the - end and connected it to the + end with my keys. and i tried it the other way around too but didnt work. i guess my keys are made of zinc and copper.

    edit: or would this just take a long time? cus i dont feel like sitting there for 2 hours. i was just trying to further my understanding of electrochemistry
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    Short circuit is a key word here.
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    If you make a connected path of metal between the + and - terminals, that's a short circuit and the battery will heat up noticeably. Probably within a half a minute. If that does not happen, either the connection was broken somewhere or possibly the battery is already dead.
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    ok i tried it again with a paperclip and it worked in like a few seconds. is it possible to create a fire with a battery and paperclip?
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