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Understanding the weak norm and it's notation

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    I'm trying to grasp the notation for the definition of something called the weak q-norm, defined as

    [itex]\|x\|_{q,w}^q = \sup\limits_{\epsilon > 0} \epsilon^q \left| \Big\{i \,|\, |x_i| > \epsilon \Big\} \right|[/itex]

    I don't come from a pure math background so I've never seen this notation before but I was wondering if someone knew what the notation inside the "braces" mean:

    Specifically what does [itex] \Big\{i \,|\, |x_i| > \epsilon \Big\} [/itex] mean?

    I found it in the context of a lecture for a class in compressive sensing:

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    It is the set of all elements i such that [itex]|x_i|>\varepsilon[/itex].

    For example, if [itex]\varepsilon=2[/itex] and


    Then the second, third and sixth element are [itex]>\varepsilon[/itex].
    So [itex]\{i~\vert~|x_i|>2\}=\{2,3,6\}[/itex].
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    Thank you! That was nice and quick!
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