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Underwater breathing apparatus?

  1. Aug 28, 2017 #1
    How to make changing depths irrelevant for breathing in a small submarine or other manned underwater vehicle; in terms of the under breathing apparatus or system ???
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    Make the sides of the submarine rigid, like pretty much all submarines. :smile:
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    Not sure what your'e asking, but subs are pressurized to 1 ATA, regardless of their depth. Their depth restrictions are structural.
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    Good description of the problem you have without a rigid sub...

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    jim hardy

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    Jacques Cousteau who developed the Aqua-Lung,
    figured out his pressure regulator needed to be adjacent his chest so that regardless if he were upside down or right side up or level , the regulator is at the same depth as the lungs. When it's not it makes air at the wrong pressure for breathing.

    27 inches of water is a psi of pressure.
    2 psi is enough to distend your lungs 10% and kill you, look up 'Pulmonary Barotrauma and Scuba Diving'. It can happen is a swimming pool.

    So if this is something you're building at home go out and get some scuba training.

    I read all of Cousteau's early books in the 1950's when i was in grade school. If underwater is your hobby you might enjoy them as history written by a pioneer in the field..
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    Will second that. Ive seen an arterial gas embolism in a 6 ft swimming pool. If you want to tinker with breathing compressed gas under pressure, know what youre doing.
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    jim hardy

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    When kids duct-tape dad's paint sprayer to a garden hose and jump in the pool tragedy has just got a dual invitation - electrocution.and burst lung sacs

    If you have kids don't let them do that.

    I did it and was lucky but at every chest X-ray they ask me " Why are your lungs all scarred up? Were you a coal miner years ago? "
    It's a very real danger.

    old jim
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