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Underwater low pressure water hydraulics

  1. Jul 30, 2009 #1
    I'm after a dc waterproof water pump that can handle at least 60 feet of water, around 10 gallons a minute flow rate at 50 psi. finding this combination seems to be a real problem.any ideas?
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    Hi monet. Welcome to the board. It sounds like you're looking for an industrial sump pump. The tough part may be finding one with a DC motor, but I'm not an expert on these types of pumps. I'd suggest trying ThomasNet.com for this. Here's a couple leads:

    Also, it's important to call and talk to them, don't just look at the web page and decide the company doesn't have anything. Many companies will not have everything they can offer on their web site, and many companies will modify some standard pump they have to accomodate your requirements. If the salesman you talk to doesn't have what you want, ask him if he knows of any company that does. Often times, they'll make some good suggestions since they're in the business, and if they don't have what you want, and if they're not the kind of company that will do a 1-off, they will generally know enough about their own industry to know who might make what you're looking for.
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