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Underworld Atlas?

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    All I can say is: man, that is one catchy thread title. :smile:
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    The 2012 Fall Meeting of the AGU had a special session on seismic tomography. At that point it had come a long way from the stuff I was looking at in the late 1990's. Since 2012, with the ability to process and utilize "noise" and other refinements, seismic tomography has become an awesome tool. Here are a couple posters from the 2012 meeting:

    Another from 2013: https://membership.agu.org/files/2014/01/2013-AGU-poster-Mingming-Li-Allen-McNamara-Ed-Garnero.pdf (I think this one is open-access)
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    I can't take credit for it, stole it from the article.
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    nice posters, thanks
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