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Undetermined coefficients vs. Variation of Parameters

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    Regarding the two procedures: undetermined coefficients and variation of parameters, can both procedures be used interchangeably - meaning they both solve (non-homogeneous linear equations)?

    Does one method work better in certain situations, if so which method is preferred when?

    How can one know when to use which method?

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    If I recall correctly, undetermined coefficients only works if the inhomogeneous term is an exponential, sine/cosine, or a combination of them, while Variation of Parameters always works, but the math is a little more messy.
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    nicksause is correct. The "possible solutions" to a linear equation with constant coefficients must be: exponential, polynomial (he forgot those!), sine or cosine, or combinations of those. "Undetermined Coefficients" only works if the right-hand side of the equation is one of those.

    For example, y"+ y= ln(x) or y"- 2y'+ y= tan(x) cannot be done by undetermined coefficients. They can be solved by variation of parameters- though you might not be able to do the resulting integral.
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