What is Parameters: Definition and 534 Discussions

A parameter (from the Ancient Greek παρά, para: "beside", "subsidiary"; and μέτρον, metron: "measure"), generally, is any characteristic that can help in defining or classifying a particular system (meaning an event, project, object, situation, etc.). That is, a parameter is an element of a system that is useful, or critical, when identifying the system, or when evaluating its performance, status, condition, etc.
Parameter has more specific meanings within various disciplines, including mathematics, computer programming, engineering, statistics, logic, linguistics, electronic musical composition.
In addition to its technical uses, there are also extended uses, especially in non-scientific contexts, where it is used to mean defining characteristics or boundaries, as in the phrases 'test parameters' or 'game play parameters'.

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  1. C

    I I need to write a function for DPI screen scaling with parameters

    i need to write a function for DPI screen scaling, so the parameters is from 100 (percentage) to 350 (percentage) and increases at 25 (percentage) increase, it will subtract additional 1 DPI so for example: 100% = 96 DPI which is -4 125% =120 DPI which is -5 150% =144 DPI which is -6 175%...
  2. hjam24

    I Write probability in terms of shape parameters of beta distribution

    Assume that players A and B play a match where the probability that A will win each point is p, for B its 1-p and a player wins when he reach 11 points by a margin of >= 2The outcome of the match is specified by $$P(y|p, A_{wins})$$ If we know that A wins, his score is specified by B's score; he...
  3. E

    NPN transistor overheating even when used with appropriate parameters

    I have been trying to build a simple Current control circuit using a NPN TIP35C transistor but have run into the problem of it constantly over heating and being destroyed. The transistor is the only component that heats up whilst it is on. The supply voltage is 10V, well below the Max and at the...
  4. patric44

    Parameters in Bohr-Mottelson Collective Hamiltonian

    Hi all I was reading a certain paper that involves solving the Bohr-Mottelson Hamiltonian for a 5dimential square well potential, the B-M Hamiltoian reads: my question is just how do I calculate the mass parameter "B" for a certain nuclei, and with a 5D infinite potential well how do I get the...
  5. waglebivu

    A To set up parameters for the sherpa tool

    How to set the parameters - photon index and metal abundance in the CIAO-sherpa tool for an x-ray source?
  6. kmm

    I Shankar on constraints and free parameters for a particle in a box

    On page 160 in Shankar, he discusses how we get quantized energy levels of bound states - specifically for the particle in a box. We have three regions in space; region I from ## \ - \infty, -L/2 ##, region II from ## \ -L/2, L/2 ##, and region III from ## \ L/2, \infty ##. For the...
  7. A

    I Parameters of the rough surface (for electromagnetic scattering)

    Dear friends, I will be grateful if anyone can help me I study electromagnetic scattering by rough surfaces for a certain case. Each rough surface can be specified with the statistical parameters sigma (σ) and correlation length (lc). while writing my manuscript I drew a schematic...
  8. B

    A Isotope dependence of Dunham Parameters

    Hello! I know that there is the famous Dunham parameterization of ro-vibrational levels of a diatomic molecule and later Watson wrote a paper deriving the isotopic dependence of these parameters. However, from what I found online this is only valid for a ##^{1}\Lambda## state. Is there a similar...
  9. B

    A Higher order PT terms in molecular parameters

    Hello! Is there a place where I can find the expressions for higher order terms of molecular parameters (in particular the spin rotational parameter, ##\gamma##)? All the papers I find just show them up to second order. Thank you!
  10. C

    Using command line parameters outside of main function

    I would like a program to read in a file entered by the user via the command line, which is then used in the main body of the code. See example code below: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> struct run_t { std::string file; }; run_t run; const POINTER* ptr = toy(run.file,0); int...
  11. dRic2

    Always launch a program with additional parameters Ubuntu 20.04

    Hi, Due to a proxy issue I have to launch chromium with this additional requirement to set the right proxy chromium-browser --proxy-server=http://proxy.myproxy:XXXX To get things more easy I defined an alias alias chrome='chromium-browser --proxy-server=http://proxy.myproxy:XXXX' so now I...
  12. F

    I Why are free parameters bad for a theory?

    It is often said that one of the drawbacks of the standard model is that it has many free parameters. My question is two-fold: What exactly is a free parameter? My understanding is that the free parameters of a model/theory are the ones that cannot be predicted by the theory and need to be...
  13. Arman777

    Fİnding best mpi parameters for the MCMC (Markov-Chain Monte Carlo)

    I am using WSL2/Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows 10 to run a specific cosmological parameter estimation program called Cobaya. (It only runs on Linux and Mac) Here are my specs. Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit Byte Order...
  14. A

    I Perturbation theory with two parameters?

    Hello, I am looking for a reference which describe perturbation theory with two parameters instead of one. So far, I did not find anything on the topic. It might have a specific name and I am using the wrong keywords. Any help is appreciated. To be clear, I mean I have ##H =...
  15. S

    MHB Calculating probability from linear regression parameters

    I'm a bit stuck on how to calculate the probability in part b from the linear regression parameters. I tried plugging the parameter values into the linear regression model: Y =β0+β1X+ε, ε∼N(0,σ) So P(Y=y| X=40) = 2.85 + 0.07 * 40 + 1^2 P(Y=y|X=40) = 5.65 But I don't think this is the...
  16. sodoyle

    How to define PV module IV curve using given parameters

    I am looking at a solar panel and would like to be able to plot the IV curve for it. I have Isc, Voc, Imp, and Vmp from the datasheet so I can get the fill factor. I know each cells dimension and the number of cells too so I can find the current density if required. Is there a way to use the...
  17. Meaning

    A Is a solution of a differential equation a function of its parameters?

    Hi everyone, Imagine I have a system of linear differential equations, e.g. the Maxwell equations. Imagine my input variables are the conductivity $\sigma$. Is it correct from the mathematical point of view to say that the electric field solution, $E$, is a function of sigma in general...
  18. RichardWattUK

    Automotive Parameters required for a ZK worm gear

    I apologise for cross-posting - I've already posted this question on CrazyEngineers but have had no replies after a few days and I was wondering if someone here could help me: In my current job, I am responsible for maintaining an existing software application that generates a dressing program...
  19. L

    I Physical parameters for spin 1/2 particles

    I am having trouble to understand what it means by "physically relevant real parameters" and how does it help us to specify a quantum system. Let say, we have a state of k half spin electrons? My guess is about the local phase of the spin, and this would make it 2^k parameters since each...
  20. A

    A Correlation between parameters in a likelihood fit

    Hello community! I am facing a conceptual problem with the correlation matrix between maximum likelihood estimators. I estimate two parameters (their names are SigmaBin0 and qqzz_norm_0) from a multidimensional likelihood function, actually the number of parameters are larger than the two I am...
  21. Arman777

    A What are the parameters that are the same in CMB data for multiple models?

    In cosmology, CMB tells a lot about which cosmological model can be acceptable or not. For instance we know that, whatever the cosmological model we use ##\theta_*## parameter will be always the same. Is there any other parameters that is listed in this picture is **model-independent** ?(i.e...
  22. PhysicsTest

    Understanding the Parameters of Synchronous Motors

    I want to understand the parameters of the synchronous motor Rated Power -> This is the maximum power the motor can deliver -> Is it correct? I can operate the motor for any power less than this? Rated Torque -> This is the maximum torque beyond which the motor cannot produce? Rated speed ->...
  23. B

    Python Minimization likelihood function with parameters

    Hallo at all! I'm learning statistic in python and I have a problem to show you. I have this parametric function: $$P(S|t, \gamma, \beta)=\langle s(t) \rangle \left( \frac{\gamma-\beta}{\gamma\langle s(t) \rangle -\beta}\right)^2\left( 1- \frac{\gamma-\beta}{\gamma\langle s(t) \rangle...
  24. I

    I Solving a complex linear system with parameters

    I have to study the solutions of the following system of three equations and three unknowns upon variation of parameters k and h. ix1+kx2-x3 = 1+i (k+i)x1+(1-i)x2-(ik-1)x3 = h kx1+(4+2i)x2-(k-3-3i)x3 = 1-i Obviously i is the imaginary unit. And as stated k and h are the parameters . I can't...
  25. L

    A Matrix multiplication, Orthogonal matrix, Independent parameters

    Matrix multiplication is defined by \sum_{k}a_{ik}b_{kj} where ##a_{ik}## and ##b_{kj}## are entries of the matrices ##A## and ##B##. In definition of orthogonal matrix I saw \sum_{k=1}^n a_{ki}a_{kj}=\delta_{ij} This is because ##A^TA=I##. How to know how many independent parameters we have in...
  26. Kaguro

    Angular momentum of orbit from orbit parameters and mass of sun

    L = mvr = mr (dr/dt) = 2m*r*(dr/dt)/2 = 2m*(dA/dt) So, A = (L/2m)T so, ## L = \frac{2 \pi a b m}{T}## Now, ##T^2 = \frac{4 \pi^2}{GM} a^3## So from all these, I get ##L = \sqrt{ \frac{GM m^2 b^2}{a}}## But answer given is ##L = \sqrt{ \frac{2GM m^2 ab}{a+b}}## (This, they have derived from...
  27. J

    I Constrains on experimental space and parameters

    There is this argument that any new forces of nature or any new interactions would have very small gap of space left in the experimental space or parameter. The argument being that for every force, there is a particle and a field, and virtual particles. And the virtual particles can affect...
  28. Arman777

    A What is the jerk parameter in terms of the Density parameters?

    In cosmology the deceleration parameter defined as the $$q_0 = \frac{1}{2}\sum_i\Omega_{i,0}(1+3w_i)$$ Is there a similar expression for the jerk parameter (##j_0##) ?
  29. PhysicsTest

    To find the parameters of velocity in an electric field

    i have drawn the E field as below, hence the F will be in the upward direction for electron a. Using energy is constant, the velocity ##v_x## as it crosses A is ##0.5mv_x^2 = q*V_a## ##v_x = \sqrt{(\frac{2qV_a} m)} m/s## one doubt i have here is, the question mentions electrons, but i have...
  30. S

    Python Rotate 2D Gaussian given parameters a, b and c

    I have a Gaussian function of the form: def f(x,y): a=some number b=... c=... return 3*np.exp(-a*(-0.5 + x)**2+b*(x-0.5)*(y-0.5)-c*(-0.5 + y)**2)This is a Gaussian function symmetric around y=x, and I'd like to rotate it 45 degrees (counter)clockwise. Wikipedia gives an overdetermined...
  31. W

    Measuring Parameters for a Hybrid Rocket Injector Assembly

    I am interested in research on hybrid rocket technology and I would like to know if anyone has a known ideal way to measure the required parameters to find the below items. I am particularly interested in a cold flow test involving: Characteristics of the Oxidizer Flow Turbulent Intensity...
  32. J

    Automotive What parameters make a long lasting engine?

    What is most important parameter when we must build long last internal combustion engine and why? specific output : HP/Displacement ? HP per each cylinder? Torque per cylinder? Displacement per cylinder? HP / piston area ? RPM / displacement of one cylinder? Numbers of cylinder? Low RPM as...
  33. quantumCircuit

    Lotka Volterra estimate parameters from experimental data

    Namely, in the system, I have obtained the value of parameters L, M, A and D, because I treat the other organism as equal to zero, i.e., it doesn't exist, but I am struggling about the values of B and C, that are coupled with the product of x and y. Can anyone help me how to obtain those values...
  34. greg_rack

    Parameters and the nature of electromagnetic waves

    By rearranging over and over ratio formulas involving frequency, speed and wavelength, I came up with the equation: fP/fQ=10^-8xVP/VQ This led me to take into account only rows A, B, E, and F... but I can't really understand which one of these is the right one.
  35. brotherbobby

    Independent parameters of the rotation tensor ##R_{ij}##

    I am afraid I had no credible attempt at solving the problem. My poor attempt was writing the matrix ##\mathbb R## as a ##3 \times 3## square matrix with elements ##a_{ij}## and use the matrix form of the orthogonality relation ##\mathbb R^T \mathbb R = \mathbb I##, where ##\mathbb I## is the...
  36. Daniel Lima

    Python How to plot a function with multiple parameters on the same set of axes

    I attached a file with some explanations of the variables in the code and the plot that I should get. I don't know what is wrong. Any help will appreciated. from scipy.integrate import quad import numpy as np from scipy.special import gamma as gamma_function from scipy.constants import e...
  37. C

    I Determining the covariance of two parameters given their explicit relationship

    I am wondering if it is possible to determine the covariance, ##\text{Cov}(a,b)##, of two fitted parameters given I know their explicit relationship ##a=a(b)##? I would like to construct the covariance matrix in the space of the parameters ##\left\{a,b\right\}##. Using the relationship...
  38. E

    Engineering Understanding the S Parameter Matrix for Lossless Transmission Lines"

    If a perfect transmission line is lossless, then would the S parameter for a perfect transmission line be ? Homework Equation: S parameter matrix
  39. M

    A Parameters of neutrino interactions in targets?

    The interaction of neutrinos should be proportional to the amount of material that it goes through. If i want to calculate the number of interactions that i could expect when a neutrino beam go through different materials, the first thing that comes to mind is the nuclei of the targets, as the...
  40. J

    Forward kinematics model using DH parameters in MATLAB

    5 links (thus 6 frames) and corresponding theta, alpha, d and a values are all given. However, I'm not sure how to start coding the DH parameters to derive a forward kinematics model. I know that I'll have to use matrix operators, but do I just put in the values of the 4 factors mentioned above...
  41. N

    Operational Amplifier key parameters

    << Mentor Note -- new poster has been reminded to show their work on schoolwork-type problems >>
  42. F

    Engineering Find the parameters in a magnetic circuit (ignore the leakage effects)

    That was my attempt , but I am not sure if my answer is correct or not . I want to confirm it .
  43. Suppaman

    B What parameters of physics are most important to the existence of life?

    The universe after the big event was a lot of lifeless stuff. However, as things settled down the rules behind the curtain were such that life was allowed to develop, they may have even been such that they encouraged the things to happen that were conducive to the process that has resulted in...
  44. D

    Structuring Code for Global Parameters in Octave

    I'm trying to do a fairly complete system analysis script in Octave that involves these steps: 1) Assign values to all fixed system parameters 2) Make various preliminary calculations based on system parameters 3) Solve a system of differential equations 4) Make various post-ODE solution...
  45. U

    Exploring the Electromagnetic Parameters of Carbon Fiber for CST Simulations

    I would like to know parameters of this material, such as: ##\epsilon##, ##\mu## and ##\sigma##, for EM simulations with CST. I can't find anything similar to carbon fibers or general plastic in the CST material library. Google is not helping me this time. Does anyone know something more on this...
  46. Ramazan Duzgun

    How can Center-tapped Transformer parameters be found?

    It is a common center-tap transformer which is electrically demonstrated as in figure (ideal one); In my opinion, open circuit and short circuit tests cannot be applied directly. How can I place secondary reactances ? And how can I test its all parameters in laboratory ?
  47. G

    I What are the general parameters for the in-medium light group speed?

    An electromagnetic wave has a phase speed and a group speed. Or velocities, for that matter. In a medium, the phase speed of a wave is generally determined by the medium's permeability μ and permittivity ε. What are the general parameters that determine the group speed of a wave in a medium?
  48. L

    B What is the true way to determine time parameters from semilog graph?

    Hi all, I have experimental nuclear magnetic resonance data that describe T2-relaxation of the nuclei in the sample of interest. The experimental points obey bi-exponential dependence: I = I1*exp(-t/T2_1) + I2*exp(-t/T2_2), where I is current intensity, I1 and I2 are intensities which represent...
  49. J

    B How physics equations transform under inverse of parameters

    It is obvious that there is a one-to-one relationship between real numbers (defined to include infinity) and their multiplicative inverses (assuming we map the inverse of zero to infinity and vice versa). Thus, one should be able to replace the distance between two points in space with it's...