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Unintelligent design - by viruses

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    Interesting story i read today:

    But one thing i dont understand: how does this have anything to do with intelligent design or make it any less likely? Could ID proponents not say the same about viruses as they say about life - that they are too complex to have come about by randomness+natural selection?
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    Nothing just somthing get people to read there article.
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    Viruses are extremely simple chains of DNA and RNA you could probably make a fairly long chain of RNA from base materials.

    It doesnt contradict science that's the point.

    In my experience intelligent design proponenets will say anything no matter how false or how little it is based on science or anything. Intelligent design is pesudo scientific philosophical claptrap.

    If anything this is another nail in the coffin of ID.
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    The question is whether nature can make such things through mechanistic processes.
    Even though it is assumed so, assumptions wont convince ID'ers.
    On wikipedia it says:
    What i gathered from the earlier article is that they still have the chicken/egg question of which came first: life or viruses.

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    Interesting to be honest I don't think making life in front of their eyes would convince Id'ers but that's beside the point:biggrin:
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    I've been thinking viruses were organism number one for a while.
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    I suppose the article's implication is "look, here's another transitional form" (something creationists say there are none of).
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