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Units, Conversions and some useful materials data

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    " Info on SI Units
    " SI Unit Descriptions
    " SI Derived Units
    " SI Prefixes (mega, giga)
    " Imperial/UK Units
    " Scientific Notation --(i.e. what is 1.00E+09)
    " Metric Forum

    " Feet to metres calculator
    " Metres to feet calculator
    " British Thermal Units Btu
    " Density of bulk materials
    " Density of liquids
    " Specific Gravity of water
    " Density of metals
    " Density of woods
    " Kitchen metric
    " Medical metric
    " Parts per million - ppm
    " Clothing metric
    " Yarn metric
    " Time
    " cc to hp
    " Paper & Envelopes
    " Gross to Nett price
    " Nett to Gross price
    " Add on Commission
    " Sheet metal swg - mm
    " Wire & rod swg - awg
    " Electrical wire swg - awg
    " Steam tables (4 pages)
    " Watts, amps, volts, ohms
    " M Threads & spanners
    " Self tapping screws
    " M tap & pilot drill sizes
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    Density of the metals and woods is pretty useful on that site. It lives in my bookmarks. However, they do not provide conversions in any unit other than the kilogram per cubic meter and we live in US. Therefore we needed a density unit converter site..

    Upon some research I found that they have included all of the materials, woods and metals on the above site in an easily convertible fashion at this density converter page -> http://easyunitconverter.com/density-unit-conversion/density-unit-converter.aspx"

    Hope it helps everyone...
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