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Universality of Pseudorandom series

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    I was involved with pseudorandom series for communications.
    For example Gold codes and Voyger randing codes. Do these codes apply with other number systems and hence throughout the universe.
    Light speed communication will take years hence codes could be very long, giving very narrow bandwidth and good signal to noise, message may take years to say hello but nice to hear anyway.
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    Why do you want to use pseudorandom numbers for communication, especially if the receiver does not know what you send? Why not just send the bits you want to transmit?

    What is a "Voyger randing code"? Google gives this thread as top result.
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    This is spread spectrum ; because of correlation the longer the code sequence the narrower the bandwidth and better the signal to noise, I think a short gold code sequence is used for synchronization on your mobile phone. Think of 1024 bit sequence as 1 bit with error correction.
    A long sequence was devised for Voyeur , long enough to think of it as a measure tape with no ambiguity over light hours hence high resolution..
    SETI allows for spread spectrum (somewhat) but would not recognize long sequences without synchronization and patience of years?
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