What is Seti: Definition and 30 Discussions

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is a collective term for scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life, for example, monitoring electromagnetic radiation for signs of transmissions from civilizations on other planets.Scientific investigation began shortly after the advent of radio in the early 1900s, and focused international efforts have been going on since the 1980s. In 2015, Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced a well-funded effort called Breakthrough Listen.

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  1. Eumeme

    B Gravitational Wave System and Locations

    My hypothesis: A sequence with the gravitational waves detected, sent by modulating radio waves, could be received and used by other intelligent beings to find the corresponding sequence within their records and then compare it to calculate our spacetime position in relation to theirs. As...
  2. A

    These Are The Most Promising SETI Radio Signals

    Hi! Just in case someone is interested in SETI, I made a video about the most promising radio signals detected so far. Here it is: https://www.youtube...h?v=4MxNEfIfQjI Hope you enjoy it! What is the most promising SETI radio signal for you guys? Do you think we will discover an intelligent...
  3. K

    Question About SETI & Time Chauvinism

    I get the idea of radio astronomers listening at certian wavelengths (around the quieter area associated with the H+ and OH- "water hole" in the EM spectrum) for signals--perhaps mathematical in nature, like successive prime numbers--but one problem occurs to me: How about the amount of time...
  4. S

    B Should we search for non-biological "life"?

    I am very interested in Astrobiology and just came across this 7-year old abstract by Seth Shostak (of SETI): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0094576510002195 There is a lot of emphasis on searching for biological life outside of our solar system, especially with the...
  5. Chronos

    B Could neutrinos be the key to successful SETI communication?

    This paper; https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.03301, A VLA Search for Radio Signals from M31 and M33, discusses the results [null] of a VLA search for narrow band radio emissions from the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies. The focus was on narrow band signals because these are the only radio signals...
  6. J

    A Advanced Aliens Are In Happiness Boxes: Why SETI Must Fail

    There is an aspect to this SETI problem that has not yet been considered. I'd post the entire article here if I could, but the copyright is not mine for one year. (Yeah, I wrote this.) https://omni.media/all-advanced-aliens-are-in-happiness-boxes Any SETI scientist who reads this is going to...
  7. collinsmark

    René Heller's SETI Decrypt Challenge

    Original source: https://twitter.com/DrReneHeller/status/724935476327624704 Instructions (copied and pasted from original source): This is a call for a fun scientific challenge. Suppose a telescope on Earth receives a series of pulses from a fixed, unresolved source beyond the solar system...
  8. Stephanus

    B Unraveling the Mystery of Hydrogen Times Pi Frequency

    Dear PF Forum, Why in "Contact" film in 1997 if I remember. The frequency for receving signal from aliens is Hydrogen times Pi? I can understand, at least grasp, that the frequency uses Hydrogen frequency, because it's the most simple element. Can't use 92.0 MHz as Sonora Radio in Jakarta...
  9. P

    SETI reborn—the new search for intelligent life

    SETI reborn—the new search for intelligent life A new influx of money has saved the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) from collapse, but what does the future hold for our quest to discover intelligent life in the Universe? Continue reading...
  10. BWV

    How Far Can We Exclude Alien EM Broadcasts in Our Light Cone?

    out to what distance in our light cone can we exclude the existence of an alien civilization broadcasting EM signals at about our current levels?
  11. D

    Universality of Pseudorandom series

    I was involved with pseudorandom series for communications. For example Gold codes and Voyger randing codes. Do these codes apply with other number systems and hence throughout the universe. Light speed communication will take years hence codes could be very long, giving very narrow bandwidth...
  12. E

    On the mathematics of interstellar colonization

    I've been turning something over in my head for a bit and I wanted to check some math. It has to do with how long it would take a hypothetical alien civilization to colonize a big chunk of nearby space. Over at the...
  13. A

    SETI Binary Message Decoding Question

    Homework Statement An advanced alien civilization residing on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A, a class G2V star only 4 LY away, detects radio emanations from the star Sol (our Sun) and concludes that it is of intelligent origin. The aliens decide to try and establish contact with the...
  14. Chronos

    VLBI SETI: Detecting Signals in Gliese 581 System

    This paper marks a targeted attempt to detect SETI signals in the Gliese 581 system. The First Very Long Baseline Interferometric SETI Experiment http://arxiv.org/abs/1205.6466 Apparently more such targeted surverys are planned using candidates identified by Kepler. Given the high resolution...
  15. J

    M Theory & Quantum Mechanics vs. SETI

    Watched an episode of Brian Greenes NOVA "The Fabric of the Universe" for the 300th time and an episode of "The Universe" about M Theory and Parallel Universes. A thought/question popped into my head based on my uneducated understanding of these concepts (I was an Econ Major). * Quantum...
  16. bcrowell

    Why Is the 21 cm Line Key in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

    Why is the 21 cm line considered favorable for SETI? The WP article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_line explains why it exists (it's a hyperfine transition of hydrogen) and states that it was hypothesized to be a natural place to search for extraterrestrial signals, but it doesn't explain...
  17. L

    How Can I Strengthen My Application for the SETI REU Program?

    For various reason I really really want to do the SETi reu program in one of the next two summer. If you are familiar with my past you my academic background is shaky. How can I best pinpoint target a single REU for chance at success? Has anyone on here done the SETI REU? I want to apply for...
  18. Rasalhague

    What Has SETI Ruled Out in the Search for Alien Civilizations?

    I just watched this podcast of a lecture by Paul Davies ( http://royalsociety.org/The-Eerie-Silence/ ), which made me wonder: What's been learned so far, from searches for radio signals, about the likelihood of an alien civilisation within, say, 10 ly, 100 ly, 1000 ly... How does the data that's...
  19. R

    Cellular phones and reverse SETI

    Many years ago we started broadcasting radio signals for terrestrial use which inadvertently also radiated out into space. Possibly a civilization with appropriate equipment many light years away could have already detected these signals. But recently things have changed. By some estimates...
  20. R

    SETI: Latest News & Updates | The Planetary Society

    What is new with SETI? What is new with SETI? The last I heard was that the SETI@Home project is now bundled with some other program to crunch numbers for a number of other endevors. And The Planetary Society is taking over now (is that right) and they is talk about looking for lazers...
  21. D

    Will SETI Pick Up an ET Signal in Your Lifetime?

    In the recent past, I've leaned towards no. The reason being that space is a 4-dimensional haystack. Even if a region in that 4D space contains advanced extra terrestrials and we scan it, the extra terrestrials would not necessarily be using EM waves for communications. If extra terrestrials...
  22. Orion1

    TED Prize Winner Jill Tarter - SETI

    Jill Tarter: Why the search for alien intelligence matters Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EszGIvRdgTE"
  23. W

    Is Our Search for Extraterrestrial Life Pointless?

    I got sucked into reading this wild essay by an Oxford professor regarding the significance of finding life in space whether primitive or intelligent. If you get sucked in too, and read six pages, would you agree with his startling conclusion or remain skeptical. Here's the essay...
  24. T

    SETI: What would it take to monitor all probable bands.

    SETI's current monitoring of RF is a noble cause (in my opinion). How can we hope to discover other intelligent life if we don't listen? But as I understand it, it is sort of pathetic in terms of the handful of frequencies they actually monitor. So this lead me to these questions: What...
  25. P

    Detecting ET Signals: The Search for Nearby Extraterrestrial Radio Waves

    I have a question about radio waves. If there was an ET civilization out there broadcasting in the EM spectrum exactly like we do, how far away could it be where we would still be able to detect it? (naturally this assumes it transmitted at the proper time for us to receive the signal, ie 40...
  26. marcus

    New Take on SETI: Astro-ph/0506110

    http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0506110 Edit: This is just in case anyone is interested or wants to take it as a point of departure, for discussion. The article does not reflect my personal viewpoint, though it might reflect yours. Personally I might subscribe to the part about postbiological...
  27. Ivan Seeking

    Advanced Civilizations Could Make SETI Signal Detection Impossible

  28. Ivan Seeking

    Strange SETI Signal from ~1000 LY

    http://news.scotsman.com/scitech.cfm?id=1028302004 Seth Shostak is to discuss this on Coast to Coast AM at 10:00 PM pacific time - about ten minutes from now. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/
  29. Orion1

    Is this an extraterrestrial signal received by SETI?

    No one knows for sure what caused this signal. There is a slight possibility that it just might originate from an extraterrestrial intelligence. The bright colors on the blue background indicate that an anomalous signal was received here on Earth by a radio telescope involved in a Search for...
  30. wolram

    Is anyone linked to the seti program?

    is anyone linked to the seti program? what is the minimum computer requirments? is computer safe when in use by seti?