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Schools University that I could major in two subjects and minor in one?

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    I was wondering if there is any way when I go to university that I could major in two subjects and minor in one? Those two subjects I was thinking would either be physics/math, or physics/chemistry, as physics goes together with math and chemistry very well. Can I do this? Any suggestions on my career path?
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    By the way, if this helps, I live in Canada, so I will be going to university in Canada. :P
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    Chances are your mind will change once or twice once you get to university. Look into a program that doesn't force you to specialize in your first year. There's a lot of overlap between the subjects you're interested in. You can't do physical chemistry without physics. You can't do physics without math.
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    This is a question best answered by your college. Different colleges offer different double degree and major programmes. And as Choppy has said, majoring in say physics doesn't preclude you from doing additional, say, maths modules not required by your major.
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    I'm sure you can, but you won't be able to do it in 4 years generally. Double majors will take up all your time leaving no room for a minor is you plan to finish in the prescribed time.
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    I nearly ended up doing three majors and a minor. It's largely a matter of planning if you feel like doing something crazy like that.
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    Thanks for the replies, and yes, I am still trying to decide what I am going to do. I am sure that physics will be one of my majors, and I am 85% sure what I will have other majors. :P

    Wow, three majors...I never even knew you could do such a thing.
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    You can do two majors and a minor. There are even specialist programs that combine two majors... eg. Mathematical Physics or Chemical Physics, leaving you room for a minor. I'd reccommend two subjects at most, and know them inside and out.
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