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Unsure which second major is better complement.

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    I am interested in biotech and nanotech and cellular engineering primarily. After graduation I am definitely going to grad school possibly for MD/PhD. My main career goal is to do research, but ideally I would be head of a start-up company.

    So my question is which is probably a better complement to my current primary major, chemical engineering, math or biochemistry. I had initially picked biochemistry but now I think the math might be more useful. What is everyone else's opinion? Which ever I choose as my second major the other field could be taken as a minor also.
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    So what is your first major?
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    Chemical Engineering, my decision was initially based on a desire to be in the pharmaceutical industry it seemed most appropriate.
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    I think Bio Engineering and Chem E should probably mesh well. You would probably get some nanotech in chem E, and possibly bio E. I don't think a startup company is too feasable unless you have a lot of money or rich parents. I could see that happening if you make something very small, and does not require alot of specialized equiptment. The cost of instruments your buisness will need is going to be through the roof. Thats why big companies or the government does most of the research and not small start up companies.
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