Unusually bad time with allergies lately?

  1. Evo

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    For the past 2 months I have been suffering from the worst allergies in my life. I wake up in the middle of the night sneezing. I look like I'm crying all the time and can't keep eye makeup on, my eyes feel like basketballs. In other words, I'm a wheezing, sneezing, mess.

    I'm allergic to pollen, dust, mold spores, if it's in the air, I'm allergic to it. Anyone else out there having an unusually bad time with allergies lately?
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  3. Yes, the same is for me. I almost got sent home from school becuase the Professor though I was stoned.
  4. Ivan Seeking

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    Mine are finally improving a little. In fact this is the best year that I've had since moving to Oregon. Normally, even a full schedule of Benadryl can't keep up with my histamines during the spring and early summer. Tsu has this twenty-foot diameter Oceanspray that causes my eyes swell shut if I get too close while it's blooming, but the grass allergies are what really get me. Little did I realize what was coming when we moved to the edge of five-million acres of grass fields.
  5. I'm too afraid to go outside. Not because of the pollen (to which I am not allergic), but because there are dozens of evil-looking wasps gliding about sinisterly, presumably they have a nest or something. I know what their sting is like - it's much worse than a bee's. Tonight, though, I'm going grocery shoping - and I'm picking up some tetramethrin - and then the we'll see who wins this war!

    My that was off topic...
  6. Evo

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    I have tons of wasps and I use that wasp spray that can hit them from 20 feet. That stuff knocks them out immediately. What ever you do, don't smush one, they give off a chemical that will cause the others to swarm.
  7. loseyourname

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    I had that problem last year. I woke up with a swollen throat, and had an almost instant asthma attack as soon as I went outside. Chlorpheniramine was eventually the drug (after multiple courses of steroids to reduce the swelling) that cleared my symptoms, but the side effects are just terrible. This year, I made a concerted effort to never go outside, and flonase ended up being enough until I came back down to LA County for the rest of the summer. I don't have the same problems down here. Thankfully, my only major issue is with pollen; unfortunately, I've been told that Sonoma County has the country's highest pollen count by county.
  8. Astronuc

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    I heard recently that people who are susceptible to allergies seem to be having a worse time in the past few years, but I don't remember where I heard it.
  9. wolram

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    Quite often i read an article in the paper about allergies, i read one about a
    young girl that could die if she touched a peanut, if that is true what the heck is going on with us humans.

    Sorry you are suffering guys, i lucky.
  10. Evo

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    And my throat is sore. And I look like a drowned rat. A drowned, crying rat with basketball eyes. :frown:
  11. Astronuc

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    I am sorry to hear that you are suffering so much from this allergy.

    * Hugs Evo, and hands her a Kleenex *
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  12. Astronuc

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    The peanut allergy is an example of a food allergy. I don't believe it is as common as allergies to pollen, dust and other allergens.

    But apparently 20% of humans are allergic to many common allergens.
  13. wolram

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    Do you not have some drugs you can take, it must be horrible being attacted by the enviroment.
  14. Points and laughs..........

  15. We should counter-attack the environment to save Evo. I call it, the War on Flowers.
  16. I've been watching the pollen counts here, all have been mid-range. And yet, sore throats every morning, swollen itchy watery eyes, headaches.
    I thought it might be from a tree next door that was infested with little mites. The mite waste made it impossable to sit outside. But now the tree is gone{thanks neighbor} and I feel no better. Maybe theres too much mite dust in the air out there still{points out window}.
    So despite my yearning for fresh air, I have sealed off the house and run the AC 24/7, changeing the filters often.
  17. There is a relatively new eye drop (ELESTAT)that is made for itching and swelling. Call your eye doctor or your allergist and ask for some samples to try. Allergan is sending our office so many samples we can't give them all away. It seems to work well for itching/watering and swelling.
  18. Evo

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    I'm going to be ok now.

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  19. Math Is Hard

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    Mine have been terrible this year, too. We must have some mold somewhere in the building where I work.
  20. wolram

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    It seems some people would be better off living in cities and some in the country, i know i would hate a town or city.
  21. Astronuc

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    Or maybe it's the brown air over LA! :bugeye:

    I rode through LA several months ago, and the gentleman who was driving was razzing me about my comments concerning the brown haze. He began wheezing, and we hadn't even passed Irvine. He was wheezing the whole time until we left. :rolleyes:
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