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Upcoming US Post Office Stamps on American Scientists

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    This report gives you a preview of the upcoming release from the US Post Office on http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/01/us-postal-servi.html". Last time, Richard Fenyman was included in a similar set. This time, I am extremely pleased that John Bardeen is being honored with a stamp. Hopefully, this will make people look up more on what he has done and recognize his contribution to our civilization.

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    Ooh! very nice!
    The John Von Neumann stamps were my favorite from the previous set. I think I still have a couple of those.
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    Oh those are sweet! I love the Hubble stamp.
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    Cool! Have to pick some of these up!
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    A Zapper Z stamp would be good, the artists could go mad.
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