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Upcoming (formerly Upcoming.org) is a social event calendar website that launched in 2003, founded by Andy Baio.

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  1. DennisN

    3 Body Problem (upcoming TV series)

    I just saw this trailer and got a bit excited :smile:. It is an upcoming tv series based on a novel I had never heard about, and I have no idea about the plot. But there is some Contact feeling in it, and it also seems there is a voiceover of Carl Sagan in the trailer. According to the trailer...
  2. SherLOCKed

    I Will the upcoming experiment PICO measure kSZ temperature anisotropy?

    I know for sure PICO will be measuring polarization anisotropies with high fidelity. In addition, the PICO science paper shows that it will make full-sky Compton-y maps but the plots are mostly limited to l=1000. Will PICO be able to measure kSZ temperature anisotropy at l=3000?
  3. Oldman too

    Stargazing Upcoming Supernova? | Nature News

    This will be interesting to watch unfold. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-00425-8
  4. StevieTNZ

    B "Quantum Field Theory, as Simply as Possible" upcoming publication

    I came across this upcoming book -- https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691174297/quantum-field-theory-as-simply-as-possible -- peer reviewed as it is published by Princeton University Press, which is due to be published in October. I've already ordered a copy coming from the UK. It...
  5. july21

    Studying Seeking your suggestions on my upcoming undergraduate course workload

    I'm an upcoming undergraduate physics student and I had make a brief plan on my undergraduate study. sem 1: general chemistry, introphy1+lab, calculus, linear algebra 1 sem 2: advanced calculus 1, introphy2&3+2labs sem 3: advanced calculus 2, classical mechanics 1, electrodynamics 1, linear...
  6. DennisN

    Will Denis Villeneuve's New Dune Adaptation Live Up to Expectations?

    The spice must flow. I just heard that there will be a new movie adaptation of the classic Dune (1965) by Frank Herbert. Article on Wikipedia: Dune (2020 film). And another movie is planned, i.e. the two movies will cover the first book. I don't think there is any trailer yet. The director...
  7. DennisN

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife (upcoming sequel)

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife is an upcoming sequel to the classic Ghostbusters (1984). I loved the original movie when I was a kid, and I actually look forward to seeing this sequel. I think the trailer is pretty cool: GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE - Official Trailer (HD)

    C/C++ Computer programming -- Help with upcoming C++ exam

    Hi, I am an undergraduate Physics student and i have an exam on c++ programming next monday, what are the basic things I have to know in order to perform well in the exam? And how is c++ applied in physics?
  9. DennisN

    Star Wars Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker (Upcoming)

    Ok, we've got the first trailer/teaser from the next Star Wars Movie, which is named "The Rise of Skywalker": (it looks promising to me, and I hope it will be better than "The Last Jedi" which was a bit disappointing to me) Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser
  10. robphy

    Upcoming AAPT Meetings: Call for Papers & Dates

    In anyone is interested, here are the upcoming AAPT meetings. I just got an email for a call for papers for the Provo meeting. https://www.aapt.org/conferences/call4papers.cfm 2019 Summer Meeting, July 20-24 (Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, Utah) 2020 Winter Meeting, January 18-21...
  11. DennisN

    Are you excited for the upcoming movie First Man?

    I just heard of this upcoming movie and thought I'd share it on PF. As a fan of The Right Stuff and Apollo 13, I look forward to this movie. :smile: First Man - Official Trailer (HD)
  12. M

    Upcoming Companies That Could Really Improve Our World

    Hi PF! What are some new(ish) companies that you know of that could really improve our world? I was discussing this with my roommate and we couldn't think of too many. Related: what companies do you think will grow big that may or may not improve our world?
  13. DennisN

    Solo: A Star Wars Story (Upcoming)

    (In this one I personally do not believe. But surprised I could be, who knows...) Trailer 1:
  14. S

    Star Wars: Episode IX (upcoming) wish list

    Any clues of the plots in Star Wars Episode IX (after the Last Jedi)? I hope they would introduce more fearsome adversaries.. so far .. the most fearsome character was Darth Maul.. But he was not that scary.. he even looked a bit boring... Star Wars must introduce characters that can send...
  15. Kaura

    Advice for Upcoming Classes

    Sophomore Intended Mechanical Engineering here. I have a pretty nice schedule this time around, all STEM classes. Most are easy but I have Differential Equations, Physics II, and Statics which are the hard ones. I have a lot of free time to study over the next few weeks and wanted to try to...
  16. DennisN

    Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (upcoming)

    Ok, the next Star Wars, Episode 8, is named "The Last Jedi" and here is a brand new teaser, the first I think. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Arriving in your galaxy December 15."
  17. B

    Analysis Seeking books that cover my upcoming math course

    Hello! I am currently searching for some alternative books I can use for the analysis course starting on this Fall Semester. The course will cover the compactness, contraction principles, approximation theory, and some applications like special functions and Fourier series. The required...
  18. PhysicsKid0123

    I need advice on upcoming course schedule

    So I really have a few questions. First, is it wise to take the following classes in the same semester? Quantum Mechanics I - At the level of Griffiths' Intro to Quantum Mechanics, chapters 1-5ish Classical Dynamics - At the level of Thorton and Marion, Chapters 1-12, ends with coupled...
  19. B

    How should I handle upcoming interview?

    I have an interview for a summer internship position. I'm studying Industrial Engineering but even though the company is well know and has distinctive departments it had almost nothing displayed on the ad about the position itself. They are just looking for motivated people who would take...
  20. kq6up

    Intimidated by an Upcoming Course

    I have been out of school for 15 years (for physics at least), and plan on going back for my masters. I have been teaching chemistry and physics at the high school level for 9 of those years. I have often challenged myself with calculus problems so that I don't loose it completely. I have...
  21. Dembadon

    Upcoming meteor shower: advice?

    I'm looking for input/advice. *nudge* Russ :biggrin: There's going to be a meteor shower (Lyrids) during my wife's birthday, and I want to take her to see it. Maybe bring some food to cook on the mini BBQ, wine, you get the idea. =] So, I want to have something else to do just in case we don't...
  22. hypatia

    Gardening, what to grow this upcoming season

    Has anyone started planning what they want to grow this upcoming season? I'll be trying container planting this year, with herbs, tomato and peppers. New property for me this year. Hope to have a in ground next year.
  23. C

    Can anyone check my working on the friction upcoming test question

    Homework Statement Question 1 Which statement is true of the coefficient of static friction? Answer It is the force resisting motion. It is proportional to the static friction force. It is a dimensionless quantity expressing the ratio of limiting friction to normal reaction...
  24. W

    Questions about upcoming classes.

    Hello all! I would like to transfer from a community college to a university with an A.A. in physics. With this term ending, I am looking at the rest of the classes I need for my A.A. The science and math related courses I took this term was Calculus 1 and Introduction to Chemistry. Next...
  25. C

    Can anyone check my working on the tension upcoming test question

    Homework Statement http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p679/Duk_Bato/Untitled_zps84f60bfd.png Homework Equations ƩMA = Ʃ r x F The Attempt at a Solution 1.6 * T+ 0.8 * sin 40 *T = 1.2 * 250 T (1.6 + 0.8 * sin 40 ) = 300 T = 300 / ( 1.6 + 0.8 * sin 40 ) T = 141.9 N RX=...
  26. G

    Advice For Upcoming Class Load

    I currently attend a quarter based college in Washington. My adviser suggested taking Diff. Eq's, Linear Algebra, and Physics Waves and Lab in one quarter. Would this be a good idea or not? I am smart, but not a Sheldon Cooper lol. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  27. C

    New and upcoming ideas in nuclear engineering?

    For example, what potential do interactions like pair production have in harnessing the idea of converting photons to mass have in the future of nuclear engineering? Or what about quantum tunneling as the basis of fusion/fission? is it getting cold in here, yet? What are the new ideas out...
  28. S

    Korea's upcoming invisible tower

    Not sure, but I think many would have known this: http://luxatic.com/invisible-tower-cheongna-city-tower-going-to-be-built-in-korea/ Would like to have comments since it is based on principles of optical physics (I'm not a physicist but just a curious Structural Engineer) if this is...
  29. Z

    Studying In search of books or textbooks to study for the upcoming PGRE

    Hi, so as many of you who are in 3rd year or so know, the PGRE is coming this October and November.. exciting times.. So from what I have heard, there are barely any exclusively PGRE-prep books.. Hence I look forward to some input on what kind of books (in general) that would be a good idea...
  30. P

    Upcoming Physics Olympiad Test

    Homework Statement Abullet of mass m strikes a pendulum of mass M suspended from a pivot by a string of length L with a horizontal velocity v0. The collision is perfectly INelastic and the bullet sticks to the bob. Find the minimum velocity v0 such that the bob (with the bullet inside)...
  31. C

    What Will Be the Impact of Bojowald's Upcoming Book on Quantum Gravity?

    I apologize if this has been posted before. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0521195756/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Martin Bojowald Hardcover: 304 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press (January 31, 2011)
  32. N

    Upcoming Workshops in Theoretical Particle Physics and Mathematical Physics

    Hi, Can someone suggest good sites to find a fairly comprehensive list of upcoming workshops (meaning for the rest of 2010) in all areas of theoretical particle physics or mathematical physics (especially quantum gravity related stuff but I am interested in other fields as well)? I might be...
  33. R

    What are your desires/plans/goal for the upcoming year?

    The beginning of a 'new' year seems to invite aspirations of 'doing' something. It has been proved to some extent that writing down what goals a person has helps that person to plan more vigorously to achieve those goals. Large or small, on a level of a personal nature, or more of a...
  34. P

    Schools Upcoming deadline for college registrations-

    Hi, the deadline for applying to colleges is coming up at the end of this month, according to the counselor I visited, and I am at a loss. I am currently attending a community college and intend to transfer to a university with a major in Physics (I think). I have completed all but 1 of the...
  35. W

    Upcoming GRL paper shows CO2 fraction is constant

    contrary to AGW theory. I have not yet read the actual study. http://bristol.ac.uk/news/2009/6649.html"
  36. M

    Newton's Laws Problem- Question on upcoming TEST

    Newton's Laws Problem- Question on upcoming TEST! Homework Statement A small block is placed at height h on a frictionless 30 degree ramp. Upon being released, the block slides down the ramp then falls 1.0 m to the floor. A small hole is located 1.0 m from the end of the ramp. From what...
  37. M

    Predicting the top contenders for the upcoming Euro tournament

    Any other football fans here? Who do you think will win the upcoming Euro tournament? Which players will shine? I'm having trouble picking a winner but Italy, France, Germany and Spain are my top 4. I may be wrong but I believe it won't be possible for Italy and France to face off in the...
  38. ZapperZ

    Upcoming US Post Office Stamps on American Scientists

    This report gives you a preview of the upcoming release from the US Post Office on http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/01/us-postal-servi.html". Last time, Richard Fenyman was included in a similar set. This time, I am extremely pleased that John Bardeen is being honored with a stamp...
  39. arivero

    Carl's Upcoming Talk at Hawaii Conference

    I do not know if he is going, but Carl happens to have a 25 min talk allocated next Wednesday, before Koide's talk: http://www.phys.hawaii.edu/indico/sessionDisplay.py?sessionId=116&confId=3 It is a middle-to-long talk, but too early morning, fortunately Koide will follow so people has...
  40. marcus

    Exploring Options: Is £12 for an Upcoming Book Worth It?

    Amazon UK has it listed for (Pounds Sterling) 11.87 hardcover. Anybody know how to type the UK poundsign? Scheduled for release this month. How much is 12 pounds? Presumably if you wait for the paperback edition or a used copy you will be able to get it much cheaper. Still I'm curious and...
  41. Q

    Quantum physics movie - What the *$@ are we thinking? And upcoming movie

    Quantum physics movie -- What the *$@! are we thinking? And upcoming movie.. My friend who is learning calculus and physics, and I teach him what I know, works at movie theatre. He told me about a new movie in 2004, called "What the fuc* are we thinking?" It's about quantum physics and...
  42. F

    Studying for an Upcoming Special Relativity Exam

    I have an upcoming exam on special relativity. What i would like to know is, how one should proceed about studying for it? Thanks
  43. M

    Lecture on pentaquark searches upcoming

    Here at Penn State University we will be hearing from Stepan Stepanyan of the Jefferson Lab on the subject of "Hunting for Pentaquarks" on Monday, 1/19, at 2:30 PM in 339 Davey Lab. I'm going to take notes and relay the results to all of you out there... If you have any thoughts on...