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Update to the BALLOON ANALOGY web page

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    I have updated my web page on the balloon analogy by going carefully through all of the comments in the original thread and I THINK I have managed to eliminate all of the problems that the first one had by incorporating suggested changes (thanks everyone), although NOT all of the suggested additions/expansions because, as I now say on the page:

    "There are many other aspects of cosmology that can get drawn into discussions of the balloon analogy, but I have for the most part resisted discussing any that are not immediately relevant to the anaolgy, lest I get carpal tunnel syndrome while having this page turn into a textbook on cosmology (which I am not qualified to write anyway)"

    the updated page is at:

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    Perfect. Thanks for this Phinds. Maybe this can get stickied?

    I agree with the statement that if dark matter and dark energy had been given different names, much confusion could have been avoided. I also wish that Fred Hoyle never gave the name 'big bang theory' to the cosmological model.
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    +1 on that !
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