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Web is a computer programming system created by Donald E. Knuth as the first implementation of what he called "literate programming": the idea that one could create software as works of literature, by embedding source code inside descriptive text, rather than the reverse (as is common practice in most programming languages), in an order that is convenient for exposition to human readers, rather than in the order demanded by the compiler.
Web consists of two secondary programs: TANGLE, which produces compilable Pascal code from the source texts, and WEAVE, which produces nicely-formatted, printable documentation using TeX.
CWEB is a version of Web for the C programming language, while noweb is a separate literate programming tool, which is inspired by Web (as reflected in the name) and which is language agnostic.
The most significant programs written in Web are TeX and Metafont. Modern TeX distributions use another program Web2C to convert Web source to C.

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  1. person123

    Confusion On Frontend vs. Backend for Web Developement

    The typical distinction between frontend and backend seems (to me at least) to lump two different distinctions together, one being client-side vs. server-side, and the other being UI functionality vs. computations powering the page. For something like a social media site, those two align, but I...
  2. Leo_Chau_430

    Why Use Python for Web Scraping Instead of Excel?

    My code is as follow: import pandas as pd from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests import os url = 'https://www.goodschool.hk/ss' response = requests.get(url) html = response.content soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser') school_items = soup.find_all('div', {'class'...
  3. ergospherical

    Database design for web shop

    I'm making an online shop and want to retrieve the inventory from a database to display on the website. I've done some database work with php and phpmyadmin before, except the database was already set up when I took over that project - and I don't remember much/at all about the project...
  4. shivajikobardan

    How to learn python programming and get a web developer job?

    I am learning absolute basic python from udemy course. Till now I see no improvements at all. Except some small small improvements. How should I approach to learn python? I have 0 basics of programming even though I had already studied C and C++ as well as data structures and algorithm. I...
  5. A

    MHB Want to use probability algorithm for my web app

    I'm a freelance web developer and right now I'm stuck into a mathematical(probability) issue where I'm developing an answer filtering tool. This tool works as follows: 1) There are six questions that the user will be asked 2) Based on the answer of first question, my server will decide which...
  6. person123

    Constraint Programming(ish) For Engineering Design

    I've been working on a tool in a browser for engineering (particularly civil engineering) design. By design, I just mean finding values (maybe the cross-section or material of a beam) which satisfies constraints. You would define constraints, possibly have something to minimize or maximize (like...
  7. dRic2

    Using gmail interface for another web mail

    Hi, I have an e-mail for work, but I really don't like the web interface. I decided to forward every e-mail to my gmail account. However, once on gmail, if I reply toany e-mail, my reply will be sent by my gmail account instead of the one I use for work. Do you know know if there is a way...
  8. Delta2

    I Can Spider Silk Conduct Electricity?

    I would like to know if spider's web is conductive. A google search was inconclusive, some sites say that it is conductive, some that it has a high breakdown voltage. The reason I am asking this is that it seems that I got spiders in my room (honestly I don't know where they are coming from)...
  9. fsonnichsen

    Seek Open Source Web Design Software for Serial Controlled Systems

    I am hoping this forum may be a good page for this question. Not sure where else to post. I have been asked if I can write a user GUI to control a system that we build--the system is made with the fairly common electronics board designs and PIC MPs and presently is controlled from a...
  10. M

    How could Amazon Web Services interface with battery storage?

    Hi, So this is a purposely abstract question and no specific details of the battery have been provided. I was wondering what type of AWS service would be appropriate to send signals to a battery (to release or store electricity)? I was looking around on the website and couldn't quite figure out...
  11. M

    B Will Cosmic web filaments eventually vanish?

    With Dark Energy expanding the universe and the spaces between the cosmic web filaments, will the filaments in the cosmic web become so stretched out / diffuse that they will eventually contain minimal / no baryonic or Dark Matter and only galaxy clusters currently at the junction points of...
  12. Y

    What programs to learn for IT and web design?

    Just kind of want to find a hobby, from the trouble I got in being logged out of my computer and thanks the Sysprog for helping to resolve the problem. I am thinking about maybe I should learn more about computers. Mainly I just want to be not so helpless with computers, learning others are...
  13. Prof Mark R Smith

    Insights The Evolution of the Universe, Cosmic Web and Connections

    [url="https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/the-evolution-of-the-universe-cosmic-web-and-connections/"]Continue reading...
  14. K

    Why is my CPU usage so high when opening multiple web pages on Microsoft Edge?

    I opened about 30 Microsoft Edge web pages.. the CPU usage can reach 75%. Why is there so much CPU usage for opened web pages? My processor is Intel Corei5 3.2 Ghz and 16 Gigs of DDR3 RAM.
  15. jedishrfu

    Programmers are complicating the Web culture

    Interesting article on the HackerNoon website: Read more here: https://hackernoon.com/programmers-are-complicating-the-web-culture-b644dbeb6a21
  16. Avatrin

    Learning back-end development with Flask

    Hi I want to learn and understand web development, and just knowing what to do is not enough for me; I, to the extent it is possible, want to know how the web works. So, if I develop a web app or website with Flask, I want to know what is going on under the hood (it's just how my head works...
  17. T

    Earned Amazon Web Services Certified Associate Certification

    Hi, On Udemy.com (Online courses) I just earned the Amazon Web Services Certified Associate 2018 certification. My job prospects are obviously a lot better. I have 22 certifications now total. I want to start a business, but I am unemployed right now and don't know where the heck that business...
  18. M

    Tips & Tricks for web searches focusing on discussion forum sites

    How can we make a search just focusing on forum sites? Is there any discussion search options in search engines? https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-forum-search-engines-to-search-40-000-message-boards/...
  19. D

    Web Scraping Py Script Generates Error for Old Norse Chars

    I have posted the Python code up front. See my question/inquiry below it. from urllib.request import urlopen from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import csv html = urlopen("https://lrc.la.utexas.edu/eieol_master_gloss/latol/1") bsObj = BeautifulSoup(html) nameList = bsObj.findAll("strong") with...
  20. W

    Upgrading Windows before Logging on to the Web

    Hi All, Just curious, how can Windows install upgrades before I set up a web connection? How are the upgrades uploaded to my PC?
  21. pairofstrings

    Establish connection between web app and stand-alone app

    Homework Statement Transfer data from stand-alone application written in C/++/# to web application written in C#.NET. Transfer data from web application written in C#.NET to stand-alone application written in C/++/#. Homework Equations The stand-alone application runs on my PC and the web...
  22. olgerm

    Python Making my web page publicly available

    I want to make a web page. I made it work in local network using python and Flask module. It also saves and uses data in responses, that it has got by GET and POST requests. What should I do to make it publicly available so that I had to change the original script with flask as little as...
  23. W

    Web Scraping: HTML to Text (Streaming). Suggestions?

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out how to scrape ( if necessary; use API otherwise ) , html to text , maybe with an intermediate step using Excel and .csvs, EDIT Preferably using Python. I have some idea on how to go about it, but I am no expert. I would appreciate input in general. Thanks.
  24. ShayanJ

    Java Asynchronous web programming using Java

    I want to learn web programming with Java. I'm using eclipse neon with tomcat 8.5.13. My question is do these tools support asynchronous programming and server push technologies or should I use other tools? Thanks
  25. M

    Search of the Use of Words in Web

    I would like to ask you about search of the use of the words in Google or other search engines. For example if I want to search how "explain" and" idea" are getting together, how can I search this? if I write just explain idea in Google there is one in some results but not another. For example...
  26. Dale

    B Web ephemeris for solar system

    Does anyone know of a website with an accurate ephemeris where you can plug in a time and get the state vectors (position and velocity) for the sun and all of the planets in a barycentric coordinate system?
  27. kolleamm

    Most reliable web hosting company for a begineer

    I would like to start learning PHP and more advanced web development concepts, however I would need a website first. I was thinking of using iPage but there are some bad reviews. Can anybody recommend a good cheap web hosting company?
  28. A

    Java How to load web page with javascript quicker?

    Hi I have a web page with a 400-line WebGL 3D-rendering javascript which also loads a 45K data file of vertices and other data. It also has a lot of math code. I notice it takes a while to load on slower machines (about 5-7 seconds) as a message on the lower left of the screen reports the %...
  29. A

    Setting up 3-D rotation in web page

    I would like to add an interactive 3-D rotation to my web page and I was wondering if someone could suggest what I could look into. I understand U3D is a common format for doing this in PDF files. Is that the format I would need to use in a web page? Would I need a Java applet to set this up...
  30. helofrind

    Partnering with a Web Developer: A Smart Move for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs?

    So I have no background in web development. I can build a blog or an online store via wordpress. but let's say I want to build a "sort of" social network. I would not even no where to start. Would it be a dumb question to ask a pro for partnership if I handle the marketing and funding? If I was...
  31. Borg

    What is the cheapest way to secure a web site

    I have an existing website that I created on a Raspberry Pi at home and have locked it down with a self-signed certificate. I have been getting by fine because I've been using an older browser that allows me to accept the certificate and continue on to the site. However, the newer browsers...
  32. S

    Regular expressions with google web search

    Hi all, Cam google web search accepet regular expressions? Especially, I need to search strings with any number between two words, for example: "vehicle runs at XXX km/h". Thank you
  33. W

    Standard Data Types for Web Addresses, Phone Numbers?

    Hi All, Just curious: what kind of data types does one usually use for web addresses, for phone numbers? EDIT: I am using MSSQL 2014 . Thanks.
  34. H

    Searching for a Blog or Web Site

    My girlfriend made me get a blog (long story). I signed up for Wordpress which is free and mostly good but their formatting software is way too buggy. I can't do very basic things. Good points of Wordpress No ads. Attractive appearance Very easy to "share" with Facebook. That's the #2...
  35. S

    JavaScript How can I properly test my web application?

    I'm building a web application that will have a lot of client-server action because (if everything goes as planned) there will be around 2000 users at once and a lot of database transactions happening with each user because I've set up event listeners that auto-save answers to questions on the...
  36. tony873004

    Local web page programming on a Mac

    I'm used to Windows. I open notepad or wordpad and type <html> Hello world </html> and save it as a .txt file with an .html extension. How do I do this on a Mac? It seems the free included text editor is called textEdit. But it does not allow me to save as a simple txt file with an .html...
  37. Heres2hoping

    Calculating Tension in a Spider's Web: A Simple Forces Problem

    Homework Statement A spider builds a web using 4 strands as support. Strand 1: 21mN [20°E of N] Strand 2: 16mN [60°E of S] Strand 3: 18mN [40°W of S] Determine the force of tension in strand 4 assuming the web is stable. Homework Equations r(cosθ) - N/S components r(sinθ) - E/W components The...
  38. mishima

    Apache Web Server, how it works?

    Hi, I have recently been using Apache for a web server. I would like to know more about how it works on a low level, what exactly it does. Perhaps a pseudocode, or minimal code version exists somewhere?
  39. B

    (Classical) electromagnetism on the web

    Hello. I am currently reading on electromagnetism in university. However, I feel that I sometimes get lost in the the math in an otherwise excellent book (Field and Wave Electromagnetics by David K. Cheng), so I would like to ask, if somebody knows a good, steady resource for understanding the...
  40. W

    Web Browsing: One tab "Knows what the other is Doing"?

    Hi all, In the process of doing some standard websurfing, I am running into the situation that " One tab knows what the others are doing" : I mean, simplifying, say I am checking out a webpage on cars in tab 1. Then, when switching to tab 2, I will get some adds related to cars. This happens...
  41. Stephanus

    PHP Learning Web Programming: MySQL & PHP for Complex Websites

    Dear PF Forum, I want to learn web programming, but there are specifics information that I need to know. What is the most famous database in web programming? My SQL? Is it true that PF Forum database is MySQL? If this is true, then the conclusion is MySQL can handle millions of post, hundreds...
  42. Benjamin_harsh

    Do web servers get bad sectors?

    Do web servers get bad sectors? what i am asking is do physicsforums servers get bad sectors like our PC hard disk or not? for suppose this forum thread got bad sectors, how does it open?
  43. R

    Other Any Recommendations for HTML/CSS/JavaScript Books Similar to 'Absolute Java'?

    I want to learn html, CSS, and javascript is there any good books you can recommend? I used "Absolute Java", by Walter Savitch to learn java and I really liked it. Is there any html/CSS/javascript books similar to it?
  44. edward

    My home town's web page is a disaster

    I have been on a quest in recent weeks to try and save my small home town. They have hired a Public management firm to do everything for the town council One of the things the PM firm did is to provide a web page for the town named "My Waterloo Indiana." This should not be a problem except for...
  45. evinda

    MHB Publish University Text in Web: What Type?

    Hello! (Wave) I have written a text in LATEX for the univeristy and my prof wants to put it in the web. I wrote it using beamer. Do you think that it is a good type or should I use an other one? Should I write maybe for example an article or something else? (Thinking)
  46. M

    How to build a website with 2 web pages?

    So I created 2 web pages with the directories C:\..., you get the idea. But on a web page, I created a link for another web page so once people click on the link on my first web page, they can see my other web page. But when I typed the directory on the browser, it came out okay but when I...
  47. S

    When did you began discussing math and science on the web?

    How old were you (forum members) when you first began discussing math and science on the web? I'd been out of graduate school for a decade before posting to a math and science forum -that was on the old Compuserve math/science forum, before Compuserve was taken-over by AOL. I wonder how...
  48. M

    Difference between Google search in web and in videos

    Hi. When I make a search on Google, usually there are more pages in videos search than in web search? This situation bewilders me because, shouldn't web search comprise the video search. This shows that web search doesn't mean everything search in spite of my wrong belief. So what is the...
  49. M

    How do I place my image on top right corner of my web page?

    How do I put my image on the top right corner of my web page? In HTML or CSS.