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Upgading From AMD to Intel, Motherboard Keeps beeping.

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    I have an AlienWare Aurora computer, it was an Amd System, it had a single core processer, 256mb graphics card and Asus Motherboard.

    I bought an Intel DP55WB Motherboard, an i5 Processor, 4 gig DDR3 ram and a 1Gb GDDR5 ATI Sapphire HD 5770.

    I put in the motherboard and connected it all up, When i turn on the computer nothing comes up on the screen and the motherboard just keeps beeping. The fans and all the spin away.

    Anyone know the Problem>?
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    Could be that your power supply doesn't have enough juice, so need to upgrade the power supply as well, to at least > 400 watts, check the manual just to be sure.
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    I have 485 watts power supply
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    Motherboards usually have specific beeps for specific errors. Beep errors include unseated or incompatible memory, unseated or incompatible processor, unseated graphics card, power supply error, and less common ones. Check with your manufacturer's documentation.
    If you cannot find documentation for the beep errors and there is no support line, try reseating all components, making sure the board is properly grounded, and if it still beeps, boot it with the minimum necessary to POST: onboard graphics, processor and one memory stick. Further beeping indicates something is wrong with the motherboard or one of these components. Unfortunately, you would need a hardware tester (a PCI card that gives error messages from the motherboard, like PC Doctor) to further diagnose which.
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    It gives 3 beeps and in the manual it says that it means a memory error. I have tried putting the ram in every slot but its still not working.
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    Your memory may simply be bad. Get new memory and see if that fixes the problem. If the new memory causes the same problem, you may have a faulty motherboard.
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