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Use ball throughing technology.

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    i am taking a new project.i want to throw 1.5 kg bags to a 100mtr distance in a 7feet dia vessel.the bag feeding rate will be continiously like a ball throwing machine.
    so my question is that what is the technology behind the ball throwing machine or other type of continious feeding machine,plz any one can tell me.it can be very helpful to me.
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    Air conveyor system. Compressed air will be continuously fed in the vessel to push the bags to till the destination. They are called as pneumatic conveyors used for pushing the test sample boxes from control cabin to testing lab in a shorter time without human carrying it physically to lab for testing.

    If the said matters matches with your needs, i can give you further info prasad.
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    Indeed, it is the same technology used by the Jetsons.
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    more details needed

    i want to know more details information about your system.plz give me more information.
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    Please tell me whether the 1.5 kg bag occupies alomost 80 to 95% cross sectional area of the tunnel or channel ?

    otherwise we may have to change the tunnel dia to suit the size of the single bag to reduce air slippage.

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