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Homework Help: Using images off the web for a report?

  1. Apr 30, 2012 #1
    What's the general rule of thumb for plucking an image off the web and using it in your report? Is this allowed as long as you cite the webpage or do you have to have very explicit permission from the website owner? I don't know what's right and wrong here since I just want to use an image for an academic paper. That isn't even going to be published.
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    Don't do it. You'll never get a good night's sleep ever again.
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    Do it or draw it yourself if you have the time?

    You should cite it if you use it. Using images from websites is sometimes frowned on.
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    I had to chuckle at this:tongue:
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    Most schools would allow you to do so if you cite it in your references or cite the source using standardized format as an image caption (as in directly below the image).

    Here is a link to how to do proper bibliography:

    www. sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/ project_mla_format_examples. shtml
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