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Searching for a Blog or Web Site

  1. Mar 2, 2016 #1
    My girlfriend made me get a blog (long story). I signed up for Wordpress which is free and mostly good but their formatting software is way too buggy. I can't do very basic things.

    Good points of Wordpress
    No ads.
    Attractive appearance
    Very easy to "share" with Facebook. That's the #2 criterion.
    Able to shut off all the spam it generates with minimal effort. That's #3.

    Bad points:
    When I mix images and text Wordpress mangles the text formatting. Not acceptable. Now my images are failing to appear too.

    So anyone know of a place that's reliable, easy to "share" with Facebook, won't spam me to death, allows me to publish text and images, and isn't horrible in some other way? I guess maybe I'll have to give up on free.
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    How about Google Blogger? Its free, has many themes and is quite sharable.
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    I tried Google Blogger. I went through an elaborate procedure to link it to Facebook. I got the end. Recipe Check Failed. I checked around. Others have the same problem. No help. Too bad.
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    The only sure way of mixing images with text that I am aware off is to deal directly with the html code.
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