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Using ventura setup to induce oxygen into water.

  1. May 31, 2012 #1
    I would like to use a ventura type of setup to induce/atomize oxygen into water.

    I have a pond that gets clearer as I spread out the same amount of water falling into the pond. The more I spread the falling water out causing multiple areas that crash down on the rock or the surface water, the clearer the water get over time. I've reached a point that I'm not able to spread the water out anymore, without sacrificing esthetics.

    I would surmise that the more oxygenated the water is the less algea in the pond. So, I propose to puncher a hole in my in-fill line that feeds the circulated water from the resiour, mounting an inverted funnel, so no dirt gets in, that would suck air into the line before it gets to the falls. Will I need a one way valve or will the waters flow suck in more air than water escaping? I could start with a small hole I suppose. Short of doing so, what do you think?
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    Thanks, that confirmed my hesitation.

    Thanks again
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