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Using Wolfgang Pauli's Exclusion Principle for communication

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    has anyone worked on using the spin of certain sister pairs of subatomic particles as digital communication that is that to have a device that spins one sister particle one way or another, that spins its sister particle in a receiver on the other side of the world or universe where a sensors detects the spin and turns it into digital communication. Or what about using it to transfer energy say from a probe collecting solar energy somehow using this energy to spin one sister particle and the energy been havested from the spin of the other sister particle say on earth?
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    That is not possible, not even in theory.
    Even if you have entangled particles, every measurement or interaction to fix/chance its state in a way the receiver could notice breaks entanglement.
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    In addition to what has already been mentioned:

    The result of the spin is random, (unpredictable/un-controlable), thus ("useful") information cannot be transfered.
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