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UV and harmful gases formation at aging test chamber

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    At work we have an UV aging test chamber that produces around 140 W.m^-2 UVA 15 W.m^-2 UVB and less then 1 W.m^-2 of UVC.

    The chamber is big, we have to go in and out to collect the items.

    Is it possible to have ozone formation or other harmful gases inside the chamber?
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    If you use high pressure mercury discharge lamps, then you are generating ozone.
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    Thanks for your answer. I will see tomorrow what type of lamps are used.

    Meanwhile, following your answer I found this document:


    that helped me to understand better about lamps for UV applications.

    Nevertheless, I still have some questions:
    1. Ozone formation at ground level needs NOx and VOC and UV radiation (any wavelength?)
    2. UV radiation bellow 200 nm wavelength (or only at 185 nm ?) can split O2 leading to he formation of O3
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