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A diving chamber is a vessel for human occupation, which may have an entrance that can be sealed to hold an internal pressure significantly higher than ambient pressure, a pressurised gas system to control the internal pressure, and a supply of breathing gas for the occupants.
There are two main functions for diving chambers:

as a simple form of submersible vessel to transport divers underwater and to provide a temporary base and retrieval system in the depths;
as a land, ship or offshore platform-based hyperbaric chamber or system, to artificially reproduce the hyperbaric conditions under the sea. Internal pressures above normal atmospheric pressure are provided for diving-related applications such as saturation diving and diver decompression, and non-diving medical applications such as hyperbaric medicine.

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  1. S

    A MCNP for the ionization chamber

    I need help to develop an mcnp geometry for input and output of Percent depth dose.
  2. C

    Homemade vacuum chamber construction

    I hope you folks can help. I want to be able to pour a liquid from one container into two others in the absence of air. So I was thinking of making some sort of vacuum chamber out of 1/2" polycarbonate and some heavy duty plastic sleeving into which to place my hands and arms. Or am I being...
  3. BiemNL

    B What wires should I use for my wire chamber?

    I want to make my own multi-wire chamber for school, and I wonder what kind of effect different wires will have on the efficiency. After reading many papers containing research for wire chambers, I saw that all of them did tests with wires made of gold plated tungsten wires with a diameter of...
  4. S

    Interpreting the various tracks in a hydrogen bubble chamber

    (a) I don't know how to identify which one is the anti-proton track. The anti-proton hits proton at point in the figure where all the lines are coming together but how to identify which one is anti-proton? Do I need to know a certain rule regarding the color of each particle? Thanks
  5. theycallmevirgo

    Intro text on building a small fluid pressure chamber?

    As stated in the summary, I'd like to design a chamber to store water under pressure. Nothing too powerful - basically at the level of a super soaker, maybe a little higher. The trick is, I want it to be powered and controlled electronically. But, I come from electronics land and know nothing...
  6. Ozen

    Bi-propellant Liquid Fuel Engine Pressures Before Thrust Chamber

    Been reading Rocket Propulsion Elements 9th Edition and got approval from my university to design a bi-propellant liquid fuel rocket engine for my senior design project, and I've been understanding everything so far but I haven't quite found an answer to how the pressure works throughout the...
  7. Tristan_Ruel

    I Help getting my Cloud Chamber to work please

    Hello! I'm currently building a cloud chamber, my end goal is to make it powered by Peltier chips but that won't happen until I can make it work with dry ice. I've been able to achieve a supersaturated layer of isopropyl alcohol in the chamber, however, even with very radioactive uranite...
  8. A

    Exploring the Possibility of a Hollow Current Sheet in a Gas Chamber

    There is a type of fusion pinch concept where instead of imploding a metallic liner filled with gas fuel mixture they have a chamber with a central electrode and outer electrode , filling the chamber with gas and then a arc discharge is initiated and this discharge drives the gas like a piston...
  9. BillTre

    Volcanologists want to put sensors directly into an Underground Magma Chamber

    This Science magazine news article discusses how a magma field was accidentally drilled into and how they plan to make a more permanent magma observatory.
  10. K

    I Graduation of air flow inside a vacuum chamber

    Hi there. I would like to start saying that I am not an engineer or scientist, and that my knowledge about vacuum and vacuum systems, in general, is limited, and I would like to apologize in advance if I am not describing the problem accurately. The application I am posing this question about...
  11. Nick tringali

    I Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Is Time Dilation Theoretically Possible?

    Has anyone ever watched dragon ball Z before? In this TV show, there is something called the hyperbolic time chamber. 1 day on Earth is equivalent to 1 Year in the time chamber. In other words, if you stayed in the chamber for a full 24hours than exactly 1 year would have passed when you left...
  12. dreens

    I Argon or Dry N2 for venting a small Ultra High Vacuum chamber

    Hi there, I have a small, few liter UHV chamber that frequently needs to be vented and rebaked. I want to shorten my bake time, so I’ve obtained a glove box to allow me to vent, work and close back up under inert gas. i’m curious if people have a preference between Argon and dry Nitrogen. I...
  13. lamejane

    PVD Vaccum Chamber -- How to clean up after Water leakage?

    Hello all , our PVD chamber experienced a water leakage from the cruible revoler area and unfortunately we are no longer able to achieve a stable Base pressure ( ~10e-6 mbar) We do not have the option of a bake out. Is there any other way to get rid of water in the chamber ? Ofcourse the water...
  14. N

    I Unconventional methods for pumping down a vacuum chamber?

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct space so please let me know if it belongs elsewhere. I've always been very interested in engineering. In my spare time, I tend to think about a lot of unconventional ways of doing stuff because I'm of the mindset that there's always new things to...
  15. i_hate_math

    Radiation detector - cylindrical ionising chamber

    Let r = position of the electron = 6mm - 36.8μm; λ = mean free path traversed. Integrate E(r) = Q/(2πϵLr) between the two shells gives: V = [Q/(2πϵL)]*log(r/(r-λ)) I know that the question is asking for the voltage at which the electron energy will get to 23eV, but i am unsure how to get rid...
  16. Merlin3189

    Cloud chamber - electron tracks? - solved

    Following a thread on building a cloud chamber I searched some other sites and encountered some eg. diagrams of electron tracks which puzzled me. I searched for actual photos and found some very irregular tracks ascribed to electrons, but nothing like these. I can't see how they could arise...
  17. N

    Misc. Problem with my cloud chamber -- have a mist but no tracks

    Hi, For a few weeks I'm trying to build a Peltier based cloud chamber. I use a stack of 3 Peltier (from the bottom, a tec1-12710 12v, tec1-12710 5v, tec1-12709 5v and on top a 60mmx60x2.5 copper plate). I mesured -37° celcius on top of the last Peltier ans -27° on the copper plate. I also have...
  18. Auxirius

    Cyclotron - Vacuum Chamber Materials

    Hi all! So recently me and a group of friends have begun working towards the construction of a cyclotron - and I was wondering, if anybody here would have an idea what kind of materials would be able to be used for the vacuum chamber that aren't specific Aluminium Alloys such as 7075 or 6061...
  19. P

    HVAC Accessible metal product for a combustion chamber

    So I'm still playing with my waste oil heating system, and as I figured the oil spraying out of the burner doesn't burn 100% clean without a combustion chamber. I set it up outside with the burner pointing into a 12" section of 6" steel stove pipe with an elbow on the end, and it works perfect...
  20. B

    Help with Building a Vacuum Chamber

    A client asked me to look into designing a vacuum chamber for drying out lumber. I am a decent fabricator but sadly not so great at the physics side of things. I know the chamber I'm building will need pretty thick material and a lot of reinforcement. He wants it to be roughly 10'x3'x3' inside...
  21. Stephen Miller

    Engineering Initially evacuated chamber and maximum theoretical work

    Given: V_1 = 10 L, V_2 = 22 L Not sure what I need to do here. We are told to ignore heat transfer, and the problem suggests that this is not a steady-state problem. The gage pressure is given, so I think that means we need to calculate for the absolute pressure, which would be 997 kPa. Cp and...
  22. pingu_user

    Misc. How can I calculate the necessary heating power for a 3D printer chamber?

    Homework Statement: heating air in a chamber Homework Equations: heating equations Hi to everyone, I want build a chamber for my 3d printer, the structure is a cube of 0.5m per side. Inside there will be the 3d printer that has a plate of 220mm x 220mm and 3mm thick that stays at a constant...
  23. A

    Bubble chamber experiment on a K− beam

    Hello everybody! Let's begin with the spin. Spin of the ##\Lambda## is ##1/2## and of the pion is ##0##: $$ \frac{1}{2} \otimes 0 = \frac{1}{2}$$ Since I know from the homework statement that ##L=1##: $$ \textbf{J} = \textbf{spin} \otimes \textbf{L} = \frac{1}{2} \otimes 1 = \frac{1}{2} \oplus...
  24. hagopbul

    Cloud chamber approach to stopping hurricanes

    mod note: positively no politics will be allowed Hello All: The current hot topic on the news is using nuclear weapons against hurricanes . But couldn't we use other approaches ,using some nuclear reactors mounted in a plane or balloon that emit calculated levels of radiation in the center of...
  25. schang04

    Calculate the time it takes for gas to fill a chamber (high P -> low P)

    How do you calculate the time it take a high pressured gas to fill a chamber? I have a gas in a chamber that is at 600psi and then another chamber at atmospheric pressure. When the valve between the two chambers is opened, how do you calculate the time it would take to fill the chamber? Are...
  26. electr0dave

    How can I mix gases in a chamber measuring only pressure and temperature

    Hello all! Basically I intend to create an environment inside a chamber with variations of CO2 percentages, using electrovalves. The mixing gas is always compressed air + CO2. For example: create a 50% CO2 concentration with a total pressure of 2 Bar. The chamber is closed, and compressed air...
  27. H

    Calculating Force on Springs in a Vacuum Chamber

    Hi, I have a bottom plate resting on a table (see figure in attachment). On top of this bottom plate is are series of springs and on top of it rests a top plate. Between the bottom and top plate (inside the springs) is a seal to create a vacuum chamber. Question: what is the total force acting...
  28. HotFurnace

    B Effects of Cooling and Heating in a Cloud Chamber

    Good day everybody! As we have already known the structure and operation of the cloud chamber, can someone explain to me why the cooling is done at the bottom of the chamber and the heating at the top, but not vise versa?? How this affect the function of the cloud chamber?
  29. N

    Homemade cloud chamber not working

    I am a HS teacher working with a class of seniors on building a cloud bubble chamber. I have mostly used this article to guide us, but the students have also done research and have found many articles and videos as well. We are using a small plastic fish tank with felt super-glued to the...
  30. L

    How can I build a cost-effective DIY vacuum chamber for my experiment?

    I need to perform an experiment in vacuum and would like advice on cost effective parts or how to do it. The chamber needs to be at least the size of a shoebox. Round is fine. The vacuum is required to control heat dissipation of an object as much as possible while I measure its temperature...
  31. EastWindBreaks

    Do we assume the mixing chamber has an outlet?

    Homework Statement Hot and cold streams of a fluid are mixed in a rigid mixing chamber. The hot fluid flows into the chamber at a mass flow rate of 5 kg/s with an energy in the amount of 150 kJ/kg. The cold fluid flows into the chamber with a mass flow rate of 15 kg/s and carries energy in the...
  32. P

    Is this kind of pressure chamber design possible?

    Hi! Given that the chamber is airtight and no air leakage occurs, is the design in the picture below possible? Can the pressure inside the chamber cause the button (black part at the top) to be "pushed"? https://imgur.com/a/wOSD30D Obviously the temperatures are over-exaggerated, but the...
  33. lamejane

    E-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care

    Hello PVD experts out there ! I have question on general e-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care as shown in the pictures below, Thin film material (mostly Metals) is being deposited on a daily basis onto the hardware parts present in our e-PVD vacuum chamber ( such as the quartz...
  34. A

    Is it possible to store electrons in a metallic chamber?

    Can you store them in a tungsten chamber without using any magnetic fields. And without any magnetic field will they leak out because of the size difference between electron and tungsten atoms. CERN was able to do it with it LEP collider (electron positron collider) so if any of the CERN...
  35. Dante Meira

    Move a mass on frictionless surface in a vacuum chamber

    How much energy is necessary to move one kilogram of mass horizontally for one meter on a perfectly frictionless surface inside a vacuum chamber? Assuming the initial velocity of the mass is zero, the mass is at rest.
  36. chrisritson

    Help Determining the Minimum Thickness of a Vacuum Chamber Lid

    Hello. I am attempting to build a large vacuum chamber for woodworking (used to infuse wood with resin/stabilizer). I would like to use a cast iron bathtub, similar to the one pictured as the vessel. I would ideally like to use a clear acrylic lid (with a rubber gasket) like the one on my...
  37. E

    A What type of chamber and material would be required?

    To sustain a near perfect vacuum around a computer, that had an outgoing link? Also how would you defuse the temperature and vacuum loss of the outgoing cable to the other circuits? thanks
  38. G

    Gamma ray irradiation and a shielded chamber question

    Hi I was reading an article about a gamma ray materials testing camera built into one of the research reactors that worked in my country a while ago. Now I have a few questions regarding some of the issues the article wasn't informing about. It says that they built a special enclosed and...
  39. Manoj Sahu

    Secure Your Transformer Chamber with Automated Actions

    I have a transformer chamber with 2 doors. What I have to do- If any of the door is opened, this should happen- 1. 2 CFL inside transformer chamber should start 2. Simultaneously, a buzzer/hooter should be ON. 3. After opening the door, I should have option to reset the hooter. how do I do it?
  40. Franz Rojas Ayala

    Maximum pressure for a combustion chamber

    Greetings All! I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I think that since rocket fuel is considered a chemical reaction, this sections seems appropriate. Right, to the topic. Me and my team from the spaceflight society are looking forward to building a hybrid rocket fuelled...
  41. C

    I Does moisture escaping from powders decrease chamber vacuum?

    I'm drying some wet powders using vacuum oven and start seeing some condensation on the window after few minutes. The vacuum level stays pretty constant which puzzles me as i thought that the moisture escapes from the powder into the air will increase the chamber pressure or decrease the vacuum...
  42. mastermechanic

    Is the Combustion Chamber Volume for a Lamborghini Aventador Really That Small?

    I was analyzing the Lamborghini Aventador's tech. specs. and it is given Bore x Stroke 95mm x 76.4mm and compression ratio 11.8:1. Then I calculated the volume of displacement and it's 541.5 cm^3 for each cylinder. Then I know the compression ratio as $$\frac{V_1 + V_2}{V_2} = C.R$$ $$...
  43. T

    B Ionized trail in bubble chamber

    Question about bubble chambers. How can particles with small mass, such as electrons, create ionized path without having their trajectory disturbed by the ions they are creating? Seems like we should see them scattered around somewhat rather than following that nice circular pattern. Is this...
  44. H

    Pressure Chamber with Flat Door

    I am currently new in this forum and just a senior high graduate, so pardon me if I have some errors in writing this questions. I have a cylindrical pressure chamber with approximately 80 cm in diameter and the length of 1.5 m and metal wall 1 cm in thickness. I know most pressure chamber have...
  45. J

    Trying to build a gas collecting chamber above a packed bed

    Hi guys, I'm a graduate student and currently doing some research on a packed bed - I want to collect gas data from the headspace of my samples so i thought of building a gas collecting chamber on top of the vessel, where i can take gas measurements using calorimetric gas tubes. I'm not sure...
  46. olgkd123

    Designing a rectangular vacuum chamber -- Help please

    Hello everyone! I want to design a rectangle vacuum chamber (12x12x72) out of 1/2 steel. I would be welding the sides together to form a seal. Would this work? any suggestions on what I could do? Thx! (I not great at this stuff so your help is much appreciated!)
  47. Jr_Particle_Hunters

    B Beta particle penetration in our cloud chamber?

    Hello. We are elementary school kids who built a cloud chamber for our science project to test out the effectiveness of different shields against background radiation. We are not sure about something involving beta-particles. Can you help us please? We know low-energy beta particles cannot...