1. Franz Rojas Ayala

    Maximum pressure for a combustion chamber

    Greetings All! I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I think that since rocket fuel is considered a chemical reaction, this sections seems appropriate. Right, to the topic. Me and my team from the spaceflight society are looking forward to building a hybrid rocket fuelled...
  2. olgkd123

    Designing a rectangular vacuum chamber -- Help please

    Hello everyone! I want to design a rectangle vacuum chamber (12x12x72) out of 1/2 steel. I would be welding the sides together to form a seal. Would this work? any suggestions on what I could do? Thx! (I not great at this stuff so your help is much appreciated!)
  3. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Glass vacuum chamber minimum thickness

    Hello! I am designing a vacuum chamber made of a vertical glass cylinder free of contact from any other structure, except by the top and bottom where aluminum disks seal the device. Temperature is the same inside and outside. I found on several books the following formula for the hoop stress...
  4. Y

    Design of an 'open' venturi water pump

    Hello For my study i'm making a specific design I'm trying to design a ballast chamber which i want to empty with a venturi pump I attached a schematic image of the idea Through pipe A a liquid is pumped with around 150m3/h through a 6'' pipe. The pipe is narrowed at the end, with a space...
  5. S

    UHV (ultra high vacuum) System

    If using diffusion pumps (2 or 3 in series) to achieve ultra high vacuum, how do you hook them up together, for example adding them onto a system like in the provided picture? Would you use T-connectors to put them all on the same input and output valves or would you have valves for each pump?