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B Vacuum values

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    We know an interaction exists between the quantum vacuum and physical matter. It is this fundamental interaction that determines the ground state energies of all the atoms and thus all the molecules and all the condensed matter present in the universe. Is the value of the ground state random (like constants of nature being random).. is it like the Higgs expectation value. What I'm saying is, could the value be different and hence affecting the fundamental interactions depending on the initial condition (or value) of the vacuum?
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    Indeed. Quantum fields permeate all space for all fundamental particles.

    But the rest of what you wrote is not correct. What it does do is explain things like spontaneous emission:

    The ground state is determined by Schrodinger's equation but due to interaction of the electrons field with the quantum EM field its not quite stationary. But since its in its lowest state it wont go lower.

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