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Validation of Ansys FEA solution

  1. Oct 31, 2007 #1
    For the tension test specimen (shown below in the link) I am using Ansys Workbench to calculate the stress in the parallel portion. How could I go about checking this through manual calculations? I have been told to use beam theories for this, however I can't see how this applies as the force is being apllied axially therefore a simple axial stress = force/area would be most appropriate? Or is this incorrect. Some advice would be much appreciated.


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    Hi cabellos2,

    yeah, don't see much relation to bending of beams here. Well, other than tension of beams/rods as you thought yourself. Comparing the axial stress sounds appropriate for comparing the 2 (I'm thinking this is a linear analysis, i.e. an analysis where you focus on what is going on before yield stress and you don't have to think about the "other parts" of a tensile test, like true stress-strain curves and such).
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    I thought one of the reasons for having tensile stress specimens shaped the way they are is an attempt to get as close to P/A as possible, i.e. a 1D stress. I can't think of any beam theory that deals with this. It's easy enough to check your results. How did they compare?
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